Tempted By My Boss

By @taniashava
Tempted By My Boss

Haley is hired by her ruthless, cold and Sexy boss who is also wealthy Mr. Valerian. He is used to getting his way with girls, any girl. But Haley is different she is not amused much by guys because love was never her forte. Can He bring her to her knees? " When she slightly turned I felt her ass press up my crotch, the things I could do to her in this very instant in the boardroom on the table. I had to release her cause I wouldn't be able to resist myself. " "why was she avoiding me and it s

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

At the age of 19 I was done studying at Harvard as I had started school when I was very young. I never went our much.

My life hadn’t been the greatest but this was going to change. I was very determined from an early age to have a better life and that was within my grasp. I just lacked the resources and the funds to make that happen.

Many guys pursued me but I was not interested. My main priority was books and my life revolved around them. I had never dated much because I was always fixated on my school work.

I always dreamed about making it big in life and this was going to be my break through hopefully.

I was very nervous and today I was going for a very big opportunity.

I got to the front desk and “Morning, I’m Hailey Hartfield.”

“We have been expecting you” the girl with the blonde hair responded with a name tag that read Clara.

She lead me to a office and told me to wait there. The office was really huge and it exuded an aurora of wealth. Which I would some day have.

Today was my first day as an assistant which I would work up to being CEO. Now I was waiting in a big office to meet my so called boss.

I prayed that this would not be a competition among-st many of us on who would impress the boss. I wanted to make a good first impression, I sat up straight and I wanted to look confident.

Suddenly I was drawn out of my thoughts as guy who was wearing a black tailored tux. His hair was simply gorgeous and eyes like a lake or more like any blue, he look like he was 27 or 28 at latest.

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