Teach me how to love

By @anastones18

Teach me how to love

By @anastones18

This is a dream I had a while ago and couldn't get off my mind, of course a little different so you could enjoy it better! To give you context it's about a girl and a boy, Olivia and Adam, that were childhood friend but haven't seen each other in a while.

Chapter 1

“So now what? You want to have sex?” Olivia asked, her hand already starting to unzip her coat. She shivered as the cold temperature of the room hit her on her chest, revealing her white lace lingerie.

“What? No.” Adam said while grabbing her hand to try and stop her of unzipping her coat even more and pulled her zippier up. “Oli, sex should not be taken lightly. Besides it’s too cold for you to just be wearing lingerie, you are going to catch a cold.” Adam grabbed a near blanket and threw it over her shoulders.

“You’re strange, every single guy I get into a room with always wants to take my pants off.” Adam laughed lightly. “Then I’m not like every single guy. Would you like green or black tea?” He started to walk over to get the cups.

“Why?” Olivia asked. “Why what, Oli?” Adam said while serving water on the cups. “Why sex should not be taken lightly?”

This made Adam stop and look at her. “Well… sex is made for two people that are in love, it’s also why it’s called ‘making love’.”

“Hmm, love… I haven’t heard that word in a while.” The word rolled out of her tongue like something unknown.

Adam looked at her with a sad smile “Oh Olive… what have they done to you?”

He went over and gave her a hug. Olivia went still, she didn’t know what to do with her hands, or why her heart started beating so fast, or why this boy was making her tummy feel funny. She soon relaxed and put her arms around him, they stayed like that for over a minute, she took him by the shoulders and looked into his beautiful chestnut eyes.

“Adam, teach me how to love.”

He smiled and pulled her closer, he then started leaning in, ‘did I really thought he was different?’ Olivia thought but also started to lean in, her eyes closed ready to feel his lips against hers, but then she felt a warm pressure on her forehead. “Of course Oli, I’ll teach you.” He said with a smile, the he turned her over so that her back was hitting his chest, she could see their reflection in the mirror in front of them, Adam started to unzip her coat for her, never breaking eye contact, when her coat touched the ground he pulled up his hoodie and put it on her. Then he motioned her to sit on the chair, he gave her a quick peck on the top of her head, “Wait, I’ll be back in a moment.” And with that he disappeared into the bathroom.

Olivia was mesmerized of what was happening, she couldn’t believe a man just undressed her to dress her again, she was amazed of how kind and sweet he was being.

He returned with makeup removers and started to wipe her face off the makeup she was wearing, he was so gentle trying to not to hurt her in any way possible, “You are gorgeous, Olivia.”

He threw the wipe to the trash and in a moment she was in his arms, she was looking at him so intently in hopes her dream would never end, he started walking towards the bed and lay her down gently, he put pillows on her back so she could be somehow in a sitting position,

“Green or black?” Adam asked. “What?” She was still a little bit dizzy of what was just happening “Your tea, green or black?” He said while grabbing her hand. “Green.”

“Then green it is.” He said and put his lips on her knuckles, never breaking eye contact. She gulped and nodded.

When he returned with their teas ready he got himself comfortable beside her, he handed the tea to her and then they started to sip their tea silently. “Thank you, Adam.”

“For what, Oli?” He asked confused, She looked at him incredulously, he just started to giggle. “It feels weird Adam, don’t laugh.” She couldn’t help and smile at him, “Good weird or bad weird?” He asked.

“Strangely good weird.” Adam laughed, “I still don’t know if that’s a compliment or not.”

Olivia smiled, “You should take it as one.”

He smiled and took her cup from her, they lay down comfortably to try and get some sleep, he then pulled her closer to his chest, she could feel him breathing up her head and he could hear her breathing onto his chest.

“This is love Olivia, and you deserve to feel it every day.”

She smiled even though he couldn’t see her, and a tear started rolling down her cheek. ‘So this is love huh?’ And with that she drifted off to sleep.

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