Tales of Turtles

By @CutieConnie21

Tales of Turtles

By @CutieConnie21

Takes place after the series ends Leo, his brothers, April and Casey have just returned to the lair after their nightly patrol. Leo is frustrated because Karai has been missing for ten days along with Shinigami and neither have contacted Leo or the turtles and he is worried. April goes with Donnie as he is heading to his lab to experiment on a device to help April harness her powers. Casey stays the night with Raph to read comics and hang out, Mikey goes to re-watch Super Robo Mecha Force Five.

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Chapter 1

Toxic kiss

Leo begins to meditate, blocking everything out and focusing on nothing, attempting to clear his head. He just can’t stop thinking about her, he’s lost her so many times already and this time she left with no warning and hasn’t contacted him since. He tries again to focus but the anxieties just keep pouring into his head. She could have been kidnapped, one of Shredder’s old henchmen could have taken her. She could have been in a plane crash on her way somewhere. She could have been taken by the Kraang, she could have been double mutated or experimented on. She could have drowned, scientist could have found her, she could be gone for real this time. His mind swirls with endless unrealistic possibility, driving him mad with hurt and fear. Why would she leave on purpose? Why wouldn’t she tell me? Is she okay? He suddenly feels a pull on his spirit, telling him that he is not alone within the room. He hears the leaves above him rustle and a million feelings rush through him as he realizes that she is here, alive and okay. Happy feelings of relief and excitement rush through him leaving behind only the feelings he has been suppressing, hurt, anger, confusion, and the suffocating feeling of loneliness. 

“How nice of you to finally drop by Karai,” Leo says sarcastically, looking directly above him in the tree where Karai is hiding. Startled by his tone, Karai’s foot slips and she falls, landing stealthily as if she had meant to fall from the tree. She stands and walks over to Leo taking a seat on the floor in front of him in the same meditative position. Leo looks at her, wondering what brought her back to the sewers after the last ten days of disappearing. 

“Well, I figured you missed me.” Karai says playfully with a wink, but as she looks at Leo she is startled by the lack of confidence in his deep blue eyes. She has seen this defeated look in him before, twice, once when she first met him on the rooftop, he was taking out her foot soldiers to let out his frustration from his brother’s lack of respect. Then again when she captured him while Shredder was away in Japan, she noticed when she took his weapons that “Lame-a-nardo” was written on one of them. She had come to learn that Leo’s only weakness was family, when it came to his family they were the only ones who could truly hurt him. She searches his face wondering what had occurred this time, he notices her staring and turns to look into the living room. 

“Oh? You suddenly thought I would miss you after ten days of not caring?” He retorts, watching a slim black cat walk over to Mikey watching TV. “And you brought Shinigami?” He looks back at Karai expecting an answer. When she does not give one he sighs and looks into her shining gold iris’. “Look Karai do you know how worried I was… I mean you can’t just disappear okay?” He watches as she looks ashamed and breaks his hurt gaze as she casts her eyes to Shinigami and Mikey. “I just- anyway, it’s fine, at least I know you’re alive.” Leo casts his hurt eyes to the floor and his posture begins to deepen as he sinks into a sad slouch. When he looks back up Karai is already looking at him

“Leo are you okay?” She asks concerned, seeing Leo’s defeated eyes and hurt posture. In that moment she realizes it was not their brothers that hurt him this time… it was her. He stiffens, turns sharply from her gaze, and regains his rigid posture, finally standing up and walking to leave.

“Yeah I’m fine Karai, thanks for caring. Feel free to stay, I’m going to sleep.” He says bitterly, stalking off to the door of the dojo. As he nears it, a hand grabs his arm and stops him. “What Karai?” He snaps as he turns to her, she looks up at him sharply and starts to speak. 

“What the heck is wrong with you today Leo? I have never seen you THIS moody.” She snaps at him, he stares coldly back at her in response. Her voice softens, bits of hurt and confusion slipping into her voice. “Leo, what’s wrong… this- this isn’t you okay. This isn’t the kind and confident and considerate Leo that I know. I need you to talk to me because I don’t know what’s wrong and you being so- so angry lashing at me is not solving anything.” Karai places both hands on his shell and looks up at him, as she does his cold stare begins to crack. His rigid posture and cruel eyes begin to melt as he breaks from his facade of hate. 

Karai leads him to splinters old quarters and closes the door. 

“I’m sorry Karai, I just- ugh well you disappeared and well I had no Idea where you had gone, so every night during watch my post was at the Foot Clan lair so in case you came back I would see you. I missed you so much and- and I had no Idea if you were okay or if you were kidnapped or-or worse. I just… I didn’t know what to do and I started fearing for the worst and- I don’t know… I thought you might have been… gone.” As he finishes, Leo lays down on his back and lets out an exasperated sigh. “There you go, that’s why I’m not particularly in the best mood.” 

“Hey, I’m okay! You know what? Let’s train.” Karai stands and pulls Leo up. “Come on Leo, you love training and sparring.” 

“Karai come on, I’m not in the mood.” Leo says, pushing past her to the door of Splinters room. Just as he crosses into the dojo Karai sweeps his feet out from under him and he face-plants into the floor. He sputters and sits up on his knees, “What the hell Karai! What was that?!” 

Karai faces him and looks at him innocently “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I think you tripped.” Leo moves and stands back up. 

“No, Karai, this is not going to work on me, this kind of stuff only works on Raph. I don’t get angry like he does.” Leo turns back toward the door as a shuriken hits the back of his knee pad with enough force that it buckles his leg. He falls again on to his knees this time spinning around to stare daggers at Karai. 

“We’ll see about that Leo. How many times will you let a girl knock you down before you fight back?” Karai moves lightning fast to Leo, she kicks his shell and he sways a bit before regaining balance, she can practically see his vein bulging out of his forehead. Leo grits his teeth and stands back up. She looks at Leo and stares him down with a playful glint in her eye. He starts to turn around again when Karai swings her katana for his shell. CLANG! The sound reverberates through the lair as her blade meets metal when Leo spins to counter her attack. 

“Enough of this Karai! I’m sick and tired of your games with me, and I said I’m not in the mood!” As Leo shouts as he skillfully twists her blade out of her hands and sends it flying into the tree. He then quickly sweeps her leg and sends her crashing shoulder first into the tree with more force than he intended. 

“Ugh!” She moans as she lands on her right arm. She sees Leo snag a concerned glance at her arm, as if he would like to heal it but his pride won’t let him. Karai begins to realize just how hurt he is by her recent disappearance and decides to explain herself rather than attempt to play with him. “You know Leo, I actually came here to ask for one of those Turtle phones that Donatello makes. You know I’m not good at apologies but I went on a last minute trip to Japan with Shinigami to recruit more foot soldiers. When testing the recruits on the first day, one of them threw a shuriken incorrectly and so my phone was broken by it. And I had forgotten to text you I was leaving before I got on our plane. It’s not that I meant to hurt you or worry you Leo I promise.” She looks up at Leo whose face is slowly changing now that he understands what went on. He looks back down at her arm again and decides he should help fix it.

“Is your arm okay? I didn’t mean to throw you down so hard.” Leo says as he moves to his knees in front of her to examine her arm. 

“Yeah it’s fine, barely even a sc- OWW!” She yelps when Leo squeezes her shoulder lightly. 

“Yeah no, you’re not fine, I think you pulled it out of socket. Hold still, I can fix it.” Leo pushes her down to her back slowly so he can set it back in place. “Okay I’m going to count to three okay? One…Two… Three.” Leo fixes her arm and she grits her teeth against the pain. “Alright now stay there, this should help with the pain.” Leo moves into his meditative position again and begins the healing mantra Splinter taught him long ago. 

As Leo does it on her Karai watches Leo’s intense concentration and focus as he recites the words. She admires his focus and the pain begins to fade, replaced by a warm, calming feeling in her shoulder. Leo stops the mantra and matches her gaze. 

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Leo grabs her hand and helps her to her feet. Leo smiles at Karai, his mood completely better now that he understands everything that’s been going on. “So you came here for a T-Phone right? Then why’d you come visit me?” Leo asks flirtatiously. 

“I don’t know, maybe I was expecting my welcome to be a little more…” She pauses and places Leo’s hands on her hips, “Exciting.” 

Leo gets chills down his spine at the thought of her coming to see him. His face flushes as her face grows increasingly close to his face, he closes his eyes and leans in. Her lips connect with his sending fireworks throughout his body, his hands grip tighter on her waist and he pulls her into him. As her lips meet his, her body melts into him, her hands move up his shell and around his neck. Leo thinks for a second he hears April shout something but it doesn’t matter, everything else around him is light-years away. The only thing that he sees right now is Karai. The pair begin to move backward until Leo’s back is pinned to the tree and Karai is pinned to him. He takes his hands to her legs and pulls them up, she latches her legs around him and they kiss harder. Drawing In every fiber of each other, their spirits together as one. After a few minutes their lips slowly break apart and they both breathe in each other’s presence. Leo sinks down and sits, her still latched around him, head on his shoulder breathing in his beautiful scent. He sits holding her tightly never wanting to let her go. 

“Karai?” Leo calls softly. 

“Yes” She whispers into his neck.

“I’m sorry, about earlier… I just- when you were gone I thought- I don’t know. You never disappear without telling me… There was the off chance that you were…” 

“Don’t think about that, It’s okay… I’m here now. And trust me, I don’t plan on leaving.” She looks at him and kisses him again, passionately like before. As they sink into each other Karai’s body slowly begins to transform. Her face turns pale and scaly, her eyes go green, her legs mesh together to form a serpent’s tail. Leo, mesmerized by the kiss realizes none of this, Karai does not notice the painless change either as her lips continue to take Leo’s by storm. They continue to kiss, drawing more into each other than they already were. Leo is so drawn into the kiss he begins to feel light headed. After a few minutes of making out they pull apart. Leo opens his eyes to see Karai’s emerald green irises staring back at him, that’s when he realizes his lightheadedness was not caused by her kiss, but rather by her venom. Leo licks his now bleeding lips and tastes hints of Karai’s poison on them, an infatuating taste he has come to love. 

“Karai, can you loosen your grip on me, your tail is a bit too tight.”

“My tail- AH my tail! When did… wait, my poison! You need to get it out of you right now!” She fusses as she quickly regains control of herself and her body. 

“Actually Karai, I’m immune to your poison now. That’s what Donnie says at least, the mutagen in my blood adapted to the genetic makeup of the poison, because you had put so much in me at one time when you had the brain worm. Now whenever your poison is in me, it just makes me slightly lightheaded and sometimes I get a headache.” Leo says with a confident smile, he sways a bit, still a bit dizzy from the intoxicating kiss. 

Karai looks at him worriedly for a second as he seems slightly disoriented, wait, my poison makes him dizzy and disoriented so it basically makes him… drunk? She grins and begins to wonder if more poison would make him more drunk or just make him tired. Her thoughts are interrupted when Leo brushes a stray piece of hair from her face. “Your mine, you know that right?” He says softly to her as he moves his hands slowly up from her waist to her face. He gazes into her golden eyes then he leans in beside her ear and whispers, “Now, where were we?” 

Karai gets chills as his cool breath tickles her neck. So he’s a flirty drunk, she thinks to herself, as he pulls her into him and they continue where they left off in their kiss. His lips begin to travel, finding her neck and exploring the pale plane, he carefully bites into her neck making her hiss with pleasure. She begins to regret wearing her armor today rather than a regular t-shirt so that she could give him more access to her shoulders and neck. He moves off of his spot on her throat and levels his face with hers again, watching her eyes as they flicker from golden to green. He is curious to see which side will win the battle, her feminine instincts or her snake instincts. 

She grins and her eyes turn bright green, in an instant she tackles him to the ground and sinks her teeth into his neck just as he had done mere seconds ago. His whole body buzzes with pleasure as he feels her toxin rip through his veins. She attacks his throat with passion and competitiveness as if this were a game to see who could be the most ferocious without crossing any lines. As Karai draws away from Leo’s neck and her fangs and eyes return to normal she smirks on top of him, one hand to either side of his face and one leg to either side of his shell. As she retracts herself from him Leo’s vision struggles to regain normalcy, he can make out Karai’s slim figure atop him and that’s all he needs to see. 

His flirtatious instincts kick in and he knees her leg in order to flip on top of her instead. He grins down at her, his eyes focusing more now that his mutagen is adapting. He is surprised to see her grinning slyly up at her in response, it’s then that he notices a blue piece of cloth in her hand. He shifts his head over and leans down to get his mask back, rather than biting the mask though he slowly licks each of her finger tips, uncurling each one of them enough to retrieve his mask. He plucks it up with his teeth and dangles it in her face playfully, she stares at it breathlessly still buzzing from his latest stunt, licking her hand. She is astounded by what the poison does to him, he becomes more… impulsive, a sexy side of Leo she never sees. He has already left a mark on her neck, fought for top and licked her hand, she’s never really considered Leo as the top until now and the change excites her. 

Her eyes turn green as she bites the dangling mask. She takes Leo by surprise with her sudden movement and uses the surprise to sit up and wrap him up in her tail. Her animal instincts take control and both of her hand snakes bite into his arms, her lips meet his with a typically deadly kiss. Leo sits in bewilderment as her poison sears through his body from three different places, injecting him with enough toxin to eradicate all of his brothers in one fatal swoop. Karai kisses him until her body returns to normal and her eyes fade back to the usual golden discs. She looks up at Leo and immediately realizes she had gone too far this time, his typical focused, and confident eyes were replaced with glazed and empty fluttering husks. His body shutters and he wobbles backward into the dojo’s tree, he looks around, confused about what is going on, what he ran into, and where Karai went. 

“Leo!” Karai calls as he stumbles into the tree. She watches him look around and sees as he stares straight past her, and then as he looks confused. She walks over to him and places her hands on her shell to steady him. Leo looks down blankly at Karai as she steadys him, looking at her he slowly begins to recognize the blur in front of him to be Karai. Leo’s lips and arms begin to slowly numb and his body’s strength begins seeping out of him. His body shudders and he loses his balance falling to his knee. His skin slowly begins to pale his typical emerald green color sinking into sickly light green. 

“Donnie… I need… has… antidote… too much toxian… at once… sorry… babe…” Leo whispers weakly to Karai and shutters again, his head bobs and his body crumples. “Numbness… Weakness…” Leo moans. 

“OH MY GOD LEO! Wait what did you say… Donnie, Numbness, weakness- wait! The steps of my poison are, numbness, weakness, paralysis, black out. Oh Leo I’m so sorry this is happening to you, I should have had better control of myself.” Karai quickly snatches Leo into a princess carry and throws down a smoke bomb, materializing in Donnie’s lab with Leo still in hand.

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