Tales of Mythgaria: Journal #1

By @Rabid_Gaming

Tales of Mythgaria: Journal #1

By @Rabid_Gaming

Connor Fritzberg is a normal 16 year old who is dragged (against his will) into a world of fantasy and magic. He is trapped and must find a way back home. But an ancient evil has other plans. This is his first hand account of the world of Mythgaria.

Chapter 2

I am the son of an archeologist. He studied Egyptian artifacts. He makes me go with him on all his trips. I usually just stay in the hotel room doing the homework he assigned me. My dad is really protective of me. I’ve been homeschooled my entire life. I have no friends because of this fact.

Well this story starts on my 16th birthday. Dad took me into a new tomb that was discovered a few weeks ago. He said he had a surprise for me. It turned out the “surprise” was a weird small box made of sandstone. It could fit into my hand. I heard a rattle inside. Like it had something in it. I could tell that dad is giving me an old artifact to get me interested in his job. So I could do what he does. Dig in the dirt all day.

I did what I call the “Birthday Routine” and faked a smile and told him I loved it only to toss it into my suitcase and forgot about it.

Later that night, I woke up to the sound of my suit case shaking. If I had known how things would play out when I opened it up, I would have thrown it off the balcony. But instead of that, I pulled it from under my bed and unlatched the lock on it. Inside, the little box was jumping around like crazy. As soon as I opened the case, the box jumped out backwards at the wall in front of me and shattered. The thing inside of it was lying in the floor in a pile of sandstone. It was a ring. It was made of a black metal. It was vibrating. I went to pick it up. Bad idea. When my hand was only inches away, it jumped onto my right middle finger. I jumped backwards as a searing pain went through my whole body. My screams were heard by Dad but it was too late. By the time he opened the door the pain had subsided and a ring of light had formed around me on the floor. It turned into a portal. The last thing I remember as I fell into the depths of nothingness was my Dad’s horrified face.

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