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Sweet as Candy: A Novel in Verse

By @Madison


The day that Alex goes back to work

Izzy calls and makes an appointment for me.

Part of me is relieved

Knowing that there’s no way I can put it off any longer.

Another part is frustrated with myself

For letting it get to this point.

Whatever the case

Come next Saturday

It will all be over.

I stay at home for the rest of the week

Counting each passing hour

And staring at the calendar.

Izzy either senses my need for time by myself

Or doesn’t have the time to deal with me

Between all the clients demanding her services

Following her five days off.

I watch her driving back and forth to one’s house

Then the next

Counting how many black sedans pass by between the time she leaves

And the time she gets back.

Now that my most important choice is out of the way

I make smaller ones.

I decide

That when I get back

I’ll microwave a TV dinner

Watch a lame reality show

And take a two hour nap.

I decide

That I’ll call Levi while I’m healing up

And ask him how the potluck went.

I decide

That I’ll go back to Culpepper’s

And buy as many miniature tangerines as I can afford

To make up for not being there.

Most importantly

I decide that I’ll dodge telling Todd

And let him down easy

As soon as it’s officially over.

What he doesn’t know

Won’t hurt him.

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