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Supposed To

By @forhigher

There’s something infuriating about the concept of Supposed To.

Who made the rules? Who’s allowed to set the standard of what someone is Supposed To do?

I’d like to meet that person. I’d love to sit down and have a cup of coffee–“scratch that, tequila,” as my cliche would go. I’d just love to get inside the head of the Person who set the Rules for what the rest of Us are Supposed To do.

There’s something interesting about the concept of Supposed To.

There’s an outline of rules already set out for us, so it should make life Easy! Easy would be the way to describe a set of instructions to follow so that one doesn’t have to Think; Thinking is a way to Complicate things. But we aren’t Supposed To complicate things. Complicated doesn’t fit; Complicated is what we Do, Are, and Become, when the Supposed To doesn’t sit well.

Interesting Is, those who Think. Those who Think Too Much. We who Think Too Much are very committed to the Supposed To; or maybe it’s the Rule Followers. The Rule Followers hone in on the Supposed To and make it their law book. But those who Think Too Much may find a way to Think their way around the Supposed To.

I Doubt it.

I Doubt it; I Think Too Much; I Follow the Rules; I’m Supposed To.

I’m Empty.

The Emptiness inside the World of Supposed To is suffocating; there’s hardly a way out. How would one get out of there, living the patterns of Doubt, Overthinking, and Rule Following? How do I get out of this alive?

I stop.

I have to stop, I have to discontinue my relationship with Doubt, Overthinking, Rule Following. Because the same Person who made the Rules, is the same Person who determined the Supposed To, and that person is just as confused as we are.

There is no Supposed To when the rest of us are all finding our own way out of Doubt.

We’re all Supposed To Live.

Live your Love; Live your Mind; Live your Energy; Live your Thirst; Live your Passion; Live your Breath; Live your Sweat; Live your Tears; Live your Aches; Live your Pains; Live your Hunger; Live your Laughs; Live your Smiles; Live your You.

You are Supposed To Be You.

And not One Person, not even Society, can take that away from you.

You are Supposed To Be.

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