Sticks & Stones

By @PoetryWritter

Sticks & Stones

By @PoetryWritter

A small collection of poems showing the evolution of someone's beliefs - starting from privileged and racist, ending with caring and compassionate. Set in Australia's Northern Territory.

Chapter 3

Poem 2

Angry remarks serge forward like a furious bushfire

Destroying the innocent, Indigenous plants in its path

It sends my head swirling, and twirling, and whirling

At every bend, confusion catches me

Holding me back from the answer

Running out of breath, I am lost

Do I follow the beliefs carved by families and friends?

Or the beliefs of the future shaped by strangers?

Time is fading away

Heart and mind battle it out on the war front

No mercy shown

The two sides collide together, weapons ready to confront

Is it time to forget everything I’ve known?

Fear seeps into me

Held down like a chained animal, I’m no longer carefree

Arguments pelt through the sky, I don’t know if I agree

Their poison hits me like a killer bee’s

It’s not just one, but all

Each racist recipe as unique as them

Not just words, but actions, not just actions, but gestures, not just gestures, but thoughts

The tip of the spear begins to piece my heart

Change seems as rare at this point as seeing a Northern Quoll

The outcast emerges again

Apprehension radiating from her body

The negative thoughts grind to a halt, overthrown by respect

“Hello Yindi. How can I help you?”

She raises her head, her eyes lock into mine

Her eyes bleed a softness that takes me by surprise

Yindi is almost as old as the Uluru shrine

She hands me the paper to analyse

The critical glare pushes the nullah nullah deep into my back

Reality has certainly given me an eye-opening smack

How long as she had to feel like she’s going to be attacked?

Her face is harder to read than the sky when it’s black

But then a smile escapes her mouth

Contentment plastered onto her face

It feels like the world stops for a minute, allowing us to enjoy this moment

Gratitude twinkles in her eyes

“Life is good, bayini.”

And with that, she floats out of the consult room on cloud nine

She came in a shy, reserved echidna, but left a cackling kookaburra

Maybe one person can make a difference after all…

If only she knew there was a threatening thunder storm fast approaching

The joyful sun rays are soon consumed by a menacing cloud

Words as fast and powerful as lightning bolts ignite the sky

The pin-point accuracy of these shots should not be allowed

He’s picking apart at scraps like a scavenger magpie

Like a croc pushed into a corner, I’m ready to snap at any time

Why is there no punishment for this crime?

People inflicting the torture are just covered in grime

The people of this land have already been forced to conform to the climb

Without being aware, I rush to Yindi’s side

Shoving a shield in front of her, protecting her from the verbal bullets

Like a powerful kangaroo, I dodge the threats and accusations

I can no longer be a by-stander to something so unkind

My heart has won the long battle over the mind

No more thoughts, actions or gestures

No more acting like king, and them your peasants

No more excuses

Only change, from here on out.

Reflection of insecurities

Ability to put barriers between people

     denied because of Colour

Inexcusable behaviour

Scrutinised and belittled

Marginalisation of people

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