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By @blxnd_fxck

Sick Day

Alex and I are sitting in the living room together chatting while Will’s cooking in the kitchen. I didn’t wake up too long ago. Alex’s nose twitches. “You alright, big man?” I ask. Alex nods. “Whatever you’re cooking for lunch smells good, love!” he calls over to Will. I sniff the air. I gag and cover my mouth. “Woah, you alright?” Alex asks. I nod, feeling vomit rising in my throat. I gag again.

I get up and run to the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I lean over the toilet and throw up. Nothing but bile comes up. Tears stream down my face as I struggle for breath. My nose is running like a tap. I feel a hand rubbing my back. I realize that I forgot to lock the door. “It’s okay, Novi.” the person says. I stop to catch my breath and turn around to see Will. The door is wide open, but no-one is there.

I stop leaning over the toilet and turn around to face him. He pulls me into a hug and continues to rub my back. “You feeling better?” he asks. “A-A little…” I mumble. He sighs and we pull away from the hug. “I know this is kinda stating the obvious, but are you sick?” he asks. I hesitate before answering with a nod. “M-Must be.” I say. He nods. “You guys alright?” someone asks. We look over at the door to see Alex.

“Nova was sick.” Will states bluntly. Alex nods with a worried look. He comes over to us. He gets on the floor with us and pats me on the head. “Aww, I’m sorry Novi.” he says. I shrug. “How are you feeling?” Will asks. “A-A little light-headed, but I’m s-sure I’ll be fine…” I reply. Alex and Will exchange looks of concern. I try getting up, but Will stops me. He and Alex get up first and help me up. “Thanks g-guys.” I say gratefully. “No problem!” Alex replies cheerfully, but he still looks concerned.

“Well, I’m gonna get myself cleaned up.” I say. “We’ll wait for you. Wouldn’t want you fainting on us.” Will replies. I nod as they leave the bathroom. I shut the door behind them. I flush the toilet, walk over to the sink and cover the mirror with a towel before turning on the tap. I splash my face with cold water and try to clean some of the snot off. I turn off the tap and take the towel off the mirror. I use it to dry my face and avoid looking at the mirror. I put the towel in the washing basket and open the door.

“You okay?” Will asks. I nod. “Come on, we’ve set up a couch-bed for you.” Alex says with a kind smile. Will picks me up bridal-style and carries me to the couch, Alex following us. Will sets me down on the couch. Alex sits by my feet. I pull the blanket over me. 

“Love, can you go finish up the food?” Will asks. Alex pulls a face that looks like he’s just eaten a lemon. “Ugh, do I have to?” he asks, pretending to whine like a child. “Please?” Will replies with a look that says, ‘Two can play that game!’ “Ugh, fine, but only ’cause I love you…” Alex answers, pretending to be annoyed. I laugh at them. Alex gets up and leaves. “Thanks, love!” Will calls after him. Will sits where Alex once sat. “Look Novi, we need to talk…” he says.

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