By @Krystal_Daniles


By @Krystal_Daniles

Chapter 1

It hurts

You knew it would hurt.

Hurts you, hurts me.

That’s the thing about emotions.

Their invisible things, their chemicals within the brain.

Some times we have control over these chemicals, and other times we don’t.

We can’t always put things into perspective, we can’t always group these things together.

We don’t always need to make sense to others, as long as we make sense to ourselves.

Some people have a better grasp on their emotions better then we can, some are able to always control them.

But I can’t.

I can’t help who I get attached to, I can’t help who I start to develop feelings for.

I can’t always group these emotions into sections or groups because they don’t exist yet.

I don’t know chemistry, I don’t know much.

But I do know this.

When I say I love you I mean it.

When I promise I won’t leave you I keep my word.

And when I give you a piece of me, you have it forever.

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