Something Worse than Death

By @Jaylee_bear
Something Worse than Death

This book is in the eyes of Kaylee. Kaylee and her seven friends venture into a creepy house, oblivious to the consequences that they'll have to overcome. By entering the house, they have to be trapped in the house, until they can find a way out. But there's a catch, they have to escape before their 30 days are up, or else death will be upon them. Within the house, the secretive host had strict guidelines, including the fact that someone has to die.

Chapter 1


“It’s all or nothing, guys. We either come out alive, or we die.” Oakley said, his tone quite tense. I looked up at him, his ocean eyes filled with fear, looking straight at the frightening scene. His face was ashen his jet black hood covering up his crew cut brunette hair. His greyscale flannel flowing behind in the wind.

It’s Monday, November 4th, my friends and I are about to go inside the scariest house on Elvils Street, or any street in that matter. The house was very torn as if no one has been inside there since the Victorian Era. The house seems to have been owned by a ghost or something foul to the human eye. The house number that hung off the rickety wooden siding read Thirteen Thirteen, which completed the address to 1313 Elvils St. Dover, Delaware, 19901.

My hand was tightening on the flashlight, making my knuckles go paler and paler. Every second as if I was holding onto dear life. My heart pounded in my ears, making me wonder when the beating in my ear would ever go away. Cold sweat was dripping from my face, hands, neck, and pretty much everywhere. The chilled wind blowing my deep brown locks behind me. The tension we all felt seemed to have taken over us. We fell silent for a few minutes, trying to regain ourselves from our uneasiness.

“Come on guys,” Loki broke the silence. “We can’t just stand here forever, we’re going to end up getting caught by someone.” Loki breathed heavily, making eye contact with me for a slight second. Reaching just above his ears, his lightly permed black hair moved slightly, in sync with the wind. His green eyes were filled with strength and courage, but I can still hear the fear in his husky voice.

“Okay, let’s go then,” Perri said. Her golden hair down to her shoulders was breezing through the wind, her hands adjusting it behind her ear. Even though we processed what she said perfectly, nobody moved a muscle. “Kaylee, are you alright?” she starts talking again. We made eye contact, her brown eyes, a much lighter shade compared to mine, containing how much she cares and worries for me. “You haven’t been talking at all ever since we left your house.”

“I’m fine,” I replied, a slight tension in my tone. I noticed how dry my lips were from not talking at all. “I guess I’m just scared, that’s all.” Liam walks beside me, then grabs my moist hand. His hands firm and strong, compared to my little delicate hands. I looked up at him, with a slight smile. His grey eyes looking deep into mine. Suddenly I felt warm inside and happier. I looked down, trying to hide the fact that I was blushing.

“You don’t have to go in if you don’t want too. I mean, if you’re too scared.” He states. His voice warm and soothing. I held his hand tighter, then looked up at him again.

“No, I’m fine, I want to go in with you guys,” I assured him with a smile. He grinned back, then looked at the house, his face going serious again.

“Do we have everything we need?” asked Marrissa, suddenly. Her hair in a messy bun and her black-framed glasses, makes her look even smarter than she usually does. Her comment makes me suddenly realize the heavy burgundy rucksack on my back.

“For the 500th time already Marrissa, yes we have everything. So let’s hurry up and go.” Oliver exasperated his hand pushing his brown hair back in stress, then his hair flopping back to the front of his face.

“Yeah, guys we should hurry up and go, like right now because I see people coming our way.” April proclaimed, nervously. Once we processed what she just said, we raced into the house immediately. When we came in, though, we couldn’t believe our eyes.

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