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Someone to be There

By @NyratOcnarFiD310748

Someone to be There

I don’t need anyone to relate to me

I don’t need anyone to understand what I’m going through

I don’t need anyone to show any empathy

But I need someone to acknowledge

That I am not okay

I need someone to just be there for me

I need a shoulder to lean on

When I can’t stand on my own

I need someone to listen

Even when it’s hard to form words

I need someone to say it’s okay

When my whole world feels like it’s not

I need someone who can sit with me while I cry

Even when they have better things to do

I need someone who I know I can rely on

When I have lost the trust of so many others

I need someone to be the friend I try to be to others

I don’t need someone to get everything I am feeling

I just need someone to care

Someone to love

Someone who loves me

Maybe then I’ll feel a little less worthless

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