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Chapter 1


Here in the world of Solteria was a beautiful place full of magic and Gods and Goddesses when they give blessings. And there is me the rebel goddess Nyssa at your service.and I am sent down from the God Jupiter gods of all Gods and Goddesses blah blah.Like why would you send your own daughter (that you won’t even let to go outside) to a world that’s not even earth like the world that literally everyone goes to not Solteria. and to do what to live like a Solteriarens with magic, At least I still get my cool goddess powers. While I was here spending about the next 100 years of my life here I decided to try one of there spells and I found this spell that can freeze time (I am only allowed to try when I am 574 but I am only 521 I don’t see the difference.) prepare to be amazed.

I call fourth the goddess of time.

While the time is going by.

By second minute hour and day.

Bring it up as I say!

Bring the time of the mental screen,

I call fourth the goddess of time,

So motet be!

This spell is also one of the band spells like love spell and inception spells etc… so now I have showed you guys my cool spell and now I am going to have my delicious carrot cake and there will be no queues and I won’t have to spend any Selitrians. Woo Win Win. Those Heavenly cakes were so good. I better hurry up or Ereshkigal (goddess of the underworld , best friend also has a short temper) will kill me herself *gulp* .Ahhh what is that bright light , wait hold up a minute I know that bright light it’s it’s Mom ugh. Hello my darling , oh umm hi mom , I think you mean Queen Diana , yes *rolls eyes* hello Queen Diana ugh, now now my child I got important news to share , is it mean I can leave this place and go back home or to earth , no , oh , i wanted to ask if you can un pause time it’s forbidden magic in this place , but know one will know , well now they would *evil smirk* , errrrr what are you saying mom , well when you have unpaused time the guards are going to be catching you , muuum , so you can learn , by making go to prison , oh please you will break out as soon as you get there , true , then I don’t see the problem then , but.. , no buts your lucky if you were someone else I would have hanged you on a mountain like Prometheus *laughs* anyway ta ta. Oh no now Ereshkigal Is definitely going to worse what my mum did to Prometheus. Get Her! Oops got run wait why am I Nyssa Goddess of Destruction & Rebirth running away from some mere mortals. Hmm which spell should I use. I know the sleeping spell

Lady of the Night

bless my soul with your light

Queen of the moon

let your magic fill my body

silver dust of the bright stars

get these men in a slumber

always works as usual I should make it just in time to see Eresh-

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