So As To Survive

By @Ayesha_Binte_Islam

So As To Survive

By @Ayesha_Binte_Islam

Chapter 1

Vanity breaks me into tears,

But that shakes free my deepest fears

To scavenge out what my self requires

From heavy showers of sneers,

So as to survive.

Darwin’s theory, ‘Survival of the fittest’, 

Revolves around the society’s entire nest,

Because the world itself is a test,

Where I will have to prove my best,

So as to survive.


‘If I stand

The society will respect me;

Admire and facilitate too,

‘If I lurch

The society will laugh at me;

Mock and contempt too,

‘If I fall

The society will tread on me;

Neglect and forget too,’

— I tell these repeatedly to myself

To lignify my mind,

As I trudge on,

Along the road of time,

So as to survive.

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