Snippets of Strangeness: Red Stain

By @chloe7nicholson

Snippets of Strangeness: Red Stain

By @chloe7nicholson

The fourteenth installment of Snippets of Strangeness; a series that is a random assortment of stories 250 words or less. This is a poem about a man, a woman, and a red stain. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Red Stain

Red stain

Something to gain

Where their body lain

Next to the train

The murderer feigns

Innocence he claims

Though tightens the chain

Flashbacks assault his brain

The face of Jane

As she lays slain

So much pain

She might have been vain

But her moon didn’t have to wane

Soon comes the rain

To wash the red stain

Did he gain anything as her body lain slain by the train?

No matter how much he feigns

No matter what he claims

There’s a tightening chain

Jane is all that’s in his brain

Her eyes filled with pain as she lay slain

So vain

The moon didn’t need to wane

But here comes the rain

To wash away

The red stain

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