Simon Says

By @mjfaewolf

Simon Says

By @mjfaewolf

a collection of much free verse poetry I've written about life and society...please let me know what you think

Chapter 1

I - Gone

Even given time

You can only get so far

Just inches from the edge

So close you could jump

Start over

But you can’t hold time

It does not bend to wishes

And chooses its own path

Time gives up and

You turn around and walk away


For the rest of your life

All that hard work



But you do

You eventually learn

Learn to jump

And you try to start over

To make a new life here

But you can’t

You can still see it

The place you left

The shadows in your past

But you can’t make shadows disappear

Not when the shadows that hold you

Don’t bend to light

But you can’t go back

You jumped

You let go

You are gone

humans are collections of shattered vessels and sometimes your pieces get mixed up with others and then you are torn apart and they can’t come back 

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