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The Darkness in his Eye

By @Of_Wondrous_Tales

He used to be so beautiful, full of joy and life. Then he started smiling less, always looking like something was wrong.

“What’s the matter?” I would ask.

“Nothing,” he would shake his head, his dark hair falling messily around his face.

He used to pay attention to everything, never missing a detail. Then he started getting things wrong on the “Notice Tests” our teacher would have us take.

“Something wrong?” she would ask when he only got ten percent.

“No,” he would say.

He used to be so organized, putting everything in its place. Then he started to forget things, mainly assignments.

“Are you alright?” our teacher would ask.

“I’m fine,” he would say, and then forget his homework.

He used to be so sweet and poetic, taking any chance to say something nice. Then he started to be critical, only talking when he thought there was something wrong with something.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked, fear consuming me.

“Nothing, leave me alone,” he shook his head, and I notice it. The darkness in his eye.

One day, he wouldn’t speak to me at all, never waving or turning around when I called his name. The only time I ever managed to catch his eye, my heart became stuck in my chest. There wasn’t just a darkness in his eye, it had take over him. When anyone tried to help him, he push them away. Then he stopped doing anything. He wouldn’t come to school, and he wouldn’t come to the door. the only way I knew he was still alive was because I could hear the loud music coming from his room, music that he’d never have listened to before.

He used to be someone I admired, liked, even. Then he became just another dark soul.

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