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Silent Scream’s

By @Master_Constellation

What if the Star's Were Falling Down?

“Hello, Paris!” Chaton said, waving at the crowd. Alexander smiled next to them. They were currently onstage in the park, about to perform a duet.

“Thank you for coming. Me and Alexander will be singing an original song we wrote together called ‘Falling Stars’. I hope you enjoy.” The music started and Alexander took a deep breath and started to sing.


The crowd immediately started clapping and cheering so loud that Chaton had to at first cover their cat ears. They had an enhanced sense of hearing and smell, so loud and high-pitched noises made their ears sensitive.

 The crowd stood up, still clapping. Chaton and Alexander both took a bow and left the stage. When they got off, they high-fived each other. “YES! That was amazing Alexander!! I’m so happy right now!” Chaton said, their face glowing with pride.

 They walked home laughing. Chaton yawned and stretched their arms. “I think I’m gonna go to bed. Doing the ropes made me tired. Good night Alex!” They said going upstairs to their room. ’Night kitty. Love you.” He said going down the hall. “Love you too.” They said.

Chaton changed out of their dress into their lime-green slime sweatshirt. They hopped into bed and were asleep almost instantly.

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