Short Stories By Yours Fictionally

By @Fiction

Short Stories By Yours Fictionally

By @Fiction

A collection of short stories so I can get these scenes out of my mind.

Chapter 1

Don't @ Me I'm Dysfunctional Part 1

Books tumbled from Charlie’s grip at the harsh impact of a shoulder being shoved against him. The culprit laughed with his friends as Charlie stumbled. Thoughts flicked around his head in a tangent of unvoiced feelings, a shudder went through his body as he struggled to keep his cool.

I hate you Alex Frey. And he did. He hated everything about him. Almost immediately after he moved to this school, which was around six months ago, Charlie had become the subject of his and his ‘guard dogs’ mockery

and hate.

Charlie got it, he was weird. He was different. In societies perspective he was dysfunctional. At the same time he didn’t get it. Why did they care? Why did they ******* care?? Who cared if he walked with his head tilted up and mind far away. Who cared if his words twisted and tumbled around in his mouth until they came out resembling nothing like what he came up with in his mind? Who cared? But Charlie knew the answer. Alex Frey cared. Alex Frey cared because he pretended he didn’t. Charlie knew that Alex hounded anything out of the ordinary until it went away so he would walk back through his perfect picket fence and rot in his cold, empty home. .

Go away. Was what he wanted to say but instead it came out somewhat different. It always did.


“Hello.” Charlie spoke when he straightened up, his voice uneven and almost as unfocused as his foggy eyes.

The group that had gathered to form a rather cliché circle around them laughed at his unorthodox response. He could hear them muttering and snickering about him, he bit his tongue and tried not to cry. No matter how many times this happen, Charlie was just as prone to tears as the first time. Not because he himself cared about what his peers thought, it was just the overflow of negative emotion that made him want to curl up into a blanket and sob.

Alex scowled at him and shoved Charlie to the ground next to his fallen books. Charlie’s platinum blonde hair fell over his eyes and he tried not to vomit. Choosing to remain on the ground, Charlie scooted away from Alex’s feet in case he decided to kick him. He wondered if he laid beneath Alex he would take it as a sign of submission and leave him alone, like the wolf pack he watched in his documentaries.

Leave me alone please. Was what he needed to say. “I don’t need you.” Was what came out of his mouth.

“You don’t need me?” The bully laughed, confused out of his ego for a moment. His friends exchanged bemused glances. “Okay nerd, I’ll play along. Why don’t you need me?” He scowled, his honey brown eyes mocking him, waiting for him to make a fool of himself.

I’m sorry. Please, please please leave me alone. “Can you hear me?”

“Can I- what?” Alex lifted Charlie up off of the ground and threw him into the lockers, students scattered to get out of the way. Charlie smacked against the hard metal and winced inside his mind.He allowed the weigght of his body to slowly drag him down until he sat with his back against the lockers. Now you could probably guess the size difference, Alex was 6’2 and muscled, while Charlie, who was thankfully not that short didn’t really weigh all that much.

“What kind of game are you playing?” Alex snarled furiously.

Whatever we’re playing I doubt there’s a winner. “Checkmate.” Charlie mumbled, his nose scrunched up against the pain of hitting the opposite wall. He had been at this school for 6 months, couldn’t they see that he couldn’t answer normally? Why were they all so stupid?

One of Alex’s friend spoke up from his position next to Alex. “Why do you even try understanding the freak? He’s clearly riding the short bus, if you know what I mean.” He snickered.

Stop it.

Jamie turned to Charlie and kicked his shoe, bending down to speak in an unnecessarily loud and slow voice, making sure to pronunciate each word. “Hear that, Gaylord? You. Are. Re-Tar-Ded.”

Charlie didn’t respond.

“I think he must be deaf too, Alex.” Jamie said. 

“Nah, just stubborn,” Alex smiled falsely at Jamie.

“Yeah?” Jamie smirked back. “Maybe I should knock some of that stubbornness out of him.”

Charlie ground his teeth and released a frustrated scream inside his mind, trying to turn his sadness into a bitter hatred.

Like you knock yourself every night? I hear a right hand does wonders when you can’t get a girlfriend.

“You don’t have a dick.” Charlie bit out.

Close enough.

The crowd around them laughed at Jamie’s red face.

Charlie knew they wouldn’t hurt him, not here in school anyways. So he wasn’t sure why he flinched back when

Jamie stepped into his space, fuming. “The hell did you say!?”

Look whose deaf now. 

To Charlie’s surprise Alex let out a laugh too. Charlie blinked at him. A genuine smile on Alex softened his face and made him look almost kind.

“Come on Jamie. Bells gonna ring soon.” Alex walked away without another glance at them.

Charlie wondered at the sudden stop before he decided to just take the blessing. The bell rang and he scooped up his books as the on lookers dispersed.

Where were the ******* teachers at this school anyway?

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