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By @HotDarkCocoa189


… its foggy.. my memory. I don’t remember what happened. we were on a trip and then, we were here. wherever here was. it was like a maze, but never ending. there were 5 of us, Blake, Elizabeth, Jessie, Solana, and Tori. But i should start form the beginning


“where are we?”

“i don’t know, Liz.”

“how do you not know, you’re the one with the map!”

“just because i have a map doesn’t mean i know how to use it, just like you obviously cant you that foundation correctly, its a little *******.”

“i hate you Solana, your probably just jealous of me, living in that rats nest, i wouldn’t be surprised”

“You *****! I’m gonna-“

“hey, can we not. were lost in the middle of a city, this is not the time to fight” declared Blake.

we’ve been walking aimlessly for a while, when i finally noticed something, a shadow.

“hey guys, i think there’s something watching us.”

“yeah right, probably just imagination.” said Elizabeth. “is there any WIFI bars around here”

“how dumb do you have to be? if there was WIFI, we wouldn’t be here, we would have a GPS.” Solana remarked. Liz just scoffed and turned away. the shadow was nearing closer.

“hey guy’s, the thing following us is getting closer.. we should run..”

“shut up freak, we don’t have time for your chit chat!” Liz scowled. i felt the cold wind of its long, lanky body standing behind me. i choked out a cry for help.

“g-guys?” they turned around and stood in complete rear and shock. Liz looked sick, Solana looked mortified, jessie was shaking, and Blake was slowly backing away. i looked up to see it, and everything was black


I looked in shock as a dark figure stood over Tori. she warned us, but we didn’t listen. she looked up, and in a blink of an eye, she was gone. i bolted. i was looking for the safest path out of- where ever this was, and i was gonna survive alone. i ran and ran until it felt i was going in circles. left my sweater next to a rock to mark mu surroundings. i ran forward, and came back to the rock, ran left, came out from the right, back at the rock. i even tried backwards, eventually tripping over the rock. there was no escape.


a blood-curling screech came from the left. the enemy was over there, so i ran forward, and saw something horrible. There was Elizabeth, upside down on a cross, her neck having a big chunk bitten off. that’s when i was pulled under, and stopped breathing..


we saw him, get pulled though the ground. Solana was scarred stiff, and i had to protect her as we hid quietly in a tree. after a while, i got tired… and closed my eyes. i woke up, and it was standing over me, with white scribbles as eyes. its breathing was raspy, its arms, elongated. he seemed to be telling me something. i saw in its eyes what i needed to see. Run

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