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Short Lived

By @noceurx


I remember you.

You were the one

who brought a hurricane to

my empty space,

tore it to shreds,

and then claimed a spot of your own.

I didn’t even put up a fight because

I was too captivated

by how easily you could

control the chaos.

Back then,

we were the two ghosts of the kingdom,

and we ruled gloriously.


we were fearsome.

Whatever happened to that?

We used to talk about writing

(I wish I’d told you how talented you were,

instead of being jealous.)

And we fought to find

our own art styles

(I wish I’d asked for tips,

instead of being resentful.)

We planned on escaping

every minute of our lives.

So much time was spent

on teaching each other

how to swim to

the surface

only to continue


We were going to leave behind

this city much too small

for the City of Broken Dreams,

much too tall.

But never did we say

that we were going to

leave each other.

So yeah.

I remember you

and us.

I remember a lot of things.

But do you remember me?

I was the core:

The center of a black hole

that you should’ve escaped.

And I don’t think I ever

told you sorry

for getting in your way.


I hope you know that

I truly am

forever and always


For you and

for me.

Looking back at when

I’d said that I would never

want to forget you

or us,

I feel a little naïve,

because remembering is just


and now I wish I could

forget you


But I can’t.

Ghosts exist to haunt.


So do your job.

Do it well and

destroy me.

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