Shattered Pieces

By @mopwop2134

Shattered Pieces

By @mopwop2134

2558. Shouhei Nakamura's life is turned upside down after two freak accidents happen. Embarking on a dangerous journey. He's caught in the middle of the ongoing war. The government chases him, criminals, bounty hunters after him. New dangers sprout up out of anywhere. All he has left are the friends who accompany him, but in a world like this, who can he really trust?

Chapter 1


   540 years into the future, 540 years after everybody talked of unity and free choice. Now this world is in chaos. Everybody is split apart. The world itself is split apart. Everybody has different beliefs and nobody could agree on one thing. Nobody knows how to do what we did 540 years ago. Nobody remembers what peace is, or how to put it into everyday life. There are those who work all day, those who sit around and do nothing, and those who try in this life. Although we’re all human, we’re all split apart into seven major groups.

   There is a canyon that splits the world in half called the Rupture, the people who live there call themselves the Lower. The climate here is extreme and changes day to day. They’re very primitive because they believe that there aren’t enough resources in the world. They believe in reincarnation into a better life if they do good in this life. These people are selfless and kind and always try to help everybody out, but they’re very hostile towards people of other groups.

   The Quiet Isles. It’s always snowing on these islands and in the sea around and in the area. There are blizzards everyday, very extreme. The people here call themselves the Windborn, they believe that they’re reincarnated as well, but into an animal. Their Gods are animals themselves. These people keep quiet and always keep themselves hidden from the world.

   The Green Haven is half of a huge chunk of land. It’s very spring like here, everything is always blooming. The flowers and new inventions and innovations are always coming from this place. Everybody here believes in one God. They call themselves the Sun Beams. They’re cocky and bratty, most of them are at least. A lot of them are very humble and have a lot of humility. They always seem happy, nobody can judge them though.

   The Scorching Isles. The weather here is extremely hot, the people that aren’t from here have to wear special clothes to keep them cool, the people that are from here have adapted to this lifestyle. They believe in a man who’s lived since it happened. Anoubis Olander. He’s their God, and they believe that through him they can do anything. They’re really high strung and prideful, too prideful. The people here call themselves Prophets.

   The Autumn Reef is the other half of the chunk of land that the Green Haven is. These two are always at war and never stop fighting. They don’t agree on anything and always try to compromise. It never works out well. The people here call themselves the Fallen, they’re very resourceful and tinker with everything. Curious people. They believe in only what they see.

   The Glowing Reef. Everything here is always glowing, the plants, trees, floor, even the people. It’s dark in both the day and the night, the people here are really creative and put themselves out there. They believe that there’s nothing after this life, so they strive to do the very best they can in this life in order to be satisfied after their deaths. The people here call themselves the Bright Ones.

   Finally, the Gears. There are two enormous gears right beside the Rupture. Nobody remembers how it was built or made except for those who live here. The people here are extremely rich and they always come out on top. They’ve got the best weapons, items, etc. The people here believe that they will become Gods after death. Though there are those who are already considered Gods..Eleven of them. They call themselves the Chosen Few.

   This world is in chaos. Nobody does anything to fix it. Nobody knows what to do. The one thing needed was missing. This is the story of how that one thing was returned..To this world of chaos and destruction. The story of how we came to be, and how we live the way we do today.



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