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Shape of you

By @Illegallybored

Don't All teenagers like parties?

“Oh my god, you have to get this one!!” My mom squealed like a teenager, as she held up a dress, that my she was convinced was “the one”. 

Next friday, a leading investor of the bank my mom worked in, was holding a grand ball in his trillion dollar house. Naturally mom was over the moon excited about it, being an overly social person, which is how i found myself dress shopping on a saturday.

Not that i have anything against shopping, but my besties proposed for all of us to go to that new cafe that just opened, at one, and now it was two, which meant that i missed it.

“Oh Chloe isn’t this just gorgeous?!”

Mom was still fawning over the dress. I walked to her, and inspected the dress. A navy Knee lenth dress, with a slight slit by the neck. It was very pretty, i had to admit. 

“Wow mom, this is stunning! But can’t I just buy it, and NOT come to the party? Pretty please?” i gave my mom the puppy eyes.

Although i loved her, and did not want to disappoint her, i really did not want to go to this ball thing. I had been begging my mom to not make me come to this party ever since i heard about it, but the answer was always the same thing: NO

“Chloe Elizabeth Smith, you are coming and that is FINAL. Besides, don’t all teenagers like parties?” 

“Parties mom, not a BALL, with a bunch of stuffy rich people”

Mom sighed, before swatting me lightly with her purse.”Honey, i know you don’t want to come, you have made that clear, but its just for ONE night!

I frowned slightly, knowing i had lost the battle.

“So are we buying this one?” my mom held up the pretty dress. I nodded. If i had to go to this party, i might as well go in style.

On the ride home, i texted my girls

Chloe: Hey guys! How was the cafe

Steph: meh, it was fine but we missed u!!

Bella: yeah the food was fine, but can’t wait to c u soon lovie<3

liv: did u buy a Dress yet?

my besties all knew about this ball. I had been continuously ranting about it to them, only to hear them tell me i was crazy, and it was a “chance of a lifetime”

Chloe: yes we r coming home rn. I have to go 4 sure now ):

Steph: girl u r nuts!!

Liv: yeah think about all those cute rich boys, and the stunning dresses 

Bella: and the fooooood!!!

I laughed. Bella was the real foodie of us all.

Chloe: ughhh ok, fine u guys have me convinced 

I was not kidding. This party was not worth arguing about anymore.

Liv: oop omg i gtg

Bella: me 2

Chloe: k bye guys

Steph: <3

Although i was not going to argue anymore about this ball thing, it does not mean I’m going to be happy about it.

I’m a hundred percent sure its going to be boring as hell. And i know it is going to be.

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