By @Books_and_Secrets


By @Books_and_Secrets

A hidden angel trying to get back to Heaven.

Chapter 1

I was once a lost girl. I didn’t know who my parents were or if I even had a past at all. I was found wandering around in front of the church half insane or so They say.

I don’t remember much other than this prison they call “school”. I have been here since They wrote me off as a troubled child that was an orphan.

So I’ll start by saying I am not insane even if They say I am.

It was around April 20th, 2018, I started to get these nightmares of falling into nothing forever. By then I had been in “school” for over a year. I was getting along with the other kids fine, not great just fine. They say I’m antisocial but all the kids looked at me like I was not supposed to be there, the kids in there were right. I should have been in a normal high school. I heard their whispers and rumors about me. The boys say behind my back that I am too pretty to be there. I don’t like to hear them say that because the boys there would be swarming me if I didn’t hide like a shadow in the darkness. That is how I got my name Shadow. I didn’t know my name so They just called me Shadow or Sneak, I am not telling you how I got that name but let’s just say that They found out something about me on the first day of “school”.

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