By @EvenlyYoungs

A LUCKAS & KEYNDALL one shot story ❤️ Read to know.

Chapter 1


Sometimes two people have to 

Fall apart to realise how much 

They need to fall back together!









Its 2:00 o’clock when I’m sitting in the waiting area and wait for my name call, when a lady who’s in black dress coming to my side…

“Ma’am it’s your turn”

She said as I nodded my head and get up from the seat straighten up my dress with hands and walk to the principle office side, the man in his 50’s sitting outside of office by the attire look alike peon. He opened the door for me and smile… I stepped inside the room as it’s a open and beautiful room. Made up of white paper work on walls and painting. Something catch my eyes the paintings and decoration on the walls same as once I planed to do when I start my own school..the man who’s on main chair with face other side and doing something…

“Please have seat”

A very familiar voice touched my eardrum.. he said as yet his chair back facing me, it’s so annoying to talk like that. But I don’t have any other choice so I did as he said and sit on one of chair placed in front of his table…

“I’m so sorry for the wait lady”

He said and he turned around to me,my heart skip a beat and it feels I stop breathing…

“Luckas Olson!!”

I utter his name as he’s busy cleaning his glasses with a soft piece of cloth and when he put his glasses on, saw me with widen eyes, the smile which on his face some seconds before faded away now and there’s nothing but confusion…


He orate my name and then saw towards the open file which place in front of him.. a a weak smile form on his face. I’m yet not in my senses… he’s in front of me. After so many years I saw him, so much change in his personality showing today..

Oh so…Liam is your Son”

He stressed on Your word, it’s so hard for me to stopped my tears and control on myself .. he didn’t concern to me yet as nothing happened in past or I’m nothing to him. I gulped the ball of tears in my throats and inhale…

Luckas, why did you do that to me?”

I want to know the reason behind all what he did to me several years before, everything was so great in us in our families then what bother him to do that to me? He couldn’t just destroyed my life but too the decades friendship of both families…


I my self Keyndall Davison, belong from one of the richest family of Town. Davison Family. Live with my parents in capital city of Georgia, Atlanta…

12th January 2012 when I met Luckas Olson son of my father’s old friend and business associate Raymond Olson, My parents introduced me with him. I enjoyed talk to him, later on we met several times and slowly slowly become good friends… Even he’s senior in class but still our taste and topics match and we start spending time with each other. I don’t know when the friendship turned into like and then into love, when realisation hit us that we can’t be friends anymore so we officially tie in relationship and start dating each other. One day he proposed me which I firmly with my true heart accepted, surprisingly when we both talk to our families so they don’t even make issue or said anything but too happy for us, as it’s their wish too of saw us together..

Everything finalise and engagement preparations start, I’m so happy that finally I find the love of my life. 

15th January 2013. The day when we both exchanged rings and named our relation. That was the most happiest day of my life, dancing in the arms of man whom I love the most.. plus the man who love me the most.Luckas can’t wait for the wedding and don’t wanna to extend it as me too, like us our families too desperate to saw us together so we decide to do it as soon as possible. 

17 March 2013 the date of our wedding we decide, as There’s small time so everyone busy in preparations. I’m used to of going everyday on shopping with him, we doing lunch, dinner or sometimes breakfast together.. happiness and laugh spread every where in my world. 

Luckas isn’t just a simple man, he have the guts & looks that any women can attract to him. But I’m the lucky one who have his heart and soul. He always treat me like a princess… showing love and care to me.. 

But ! Everything changed when he leave for meeting to New York , after two days he call and cancelled everything. 

Our Relation. Our Engagement. Our wedding. Everything destroyed.. I was deep down in sorrow and want to know the reason why he did this to me. But he don’t wanna talk to me me nor meet me.. 

His parents too in stressed as they too don’t know the reason of cancellation. My dad cut all the relations with Olson family..

It’s getting months to me for getting myself up from the breakup pain. I recover myself as I can’t see my parents in sorrow due to me. I leave Atlanta for sometime and went to the California at my brother Benette home.. he and his wife Gracie help me a lot to get over from all this, I spend much good time with my younger twin nieces Arill & Eduar. 

Later on I adopt a baby boy from orphanage just to make a reason of my life and start look after him. When I adopt him he was just of a 2 months baby, according to the orphanage administration they find him in front of their door 60 days before as someone dropped him in front of their door. I named him Liam, he’s a beautiful child, having eyes totally like Luckas.. I prefer to live separate as my family ask me thousand time to join them in California but I know when my parents saw me like that they always get hurt so it’s better to maintain distance to save them from pain. They said many times for another chance but it can’t be possible. 

Once I given my heart Luckas and can’t be able to do it again. In my life only Liam the one who’s everything for me.. he’s in his age 4 and it’s time for him to join a school.

I finally find a good school for my son after much effort and today here to given final interview at Lyndon Academy school. One of the best private school in Atlanta. I was so worried about Liam Schooling, as every school stated same line we are the best. But after a little search get to know this school might be new about 42 months before built up. But the reviews are great. Today I have appointment with their principle as I hear the principle of school is a young man and very ambitious about his work..


Luckas I want an answer **** it”

I shout out on him as he’s sitting by letting his head down on table and continuously ignoring my questions.. I rub my tears as he don’t look at me…

“I give you my heart, in return what you did to it? Pinched it , broke it into pieces. Leave me all of sudden, without given a ******* reason.. do you have any idea for how long I cry? How much pain I bear in my life. Just because of you. The man who himself said he can’t saw me sad become the reason of my sadness and today when I questioned you so you act like a deaf”

I was so frustrated and that’s all what I wanna ask him from past four years. He pulled hhis head up and saw me, tears forming in his beautiful blue eyes…

“Congrats for the wedding and for son” What? All if he said this? **** Luckas…

What you talking about…” I cut off by him as he continue speaking…

By the way who’s the lucky man?” God he think I’m married and Liam my own son? Yes he is my son but not biological…

Who said I’m married?”

Ahhh so without…” He said sarcastically but I stopped him by showing my hand…what a stupid person he is…

“He’s my son, but not my biological. I adopt him four years ago just to survive, how can I love someone else or marry someone when once I already given my heart to a jerk.” Tears falling from my eyes as he saw me with widen eyes, he clear the tears from his eyes…

You are not married?” Still he’s in same point…

**** no, now tell me why the hell you did all to me”

“Keyndall I’m so sorry for everything but I can’t tell you the reason”

Let me guess! Right right you love someone else, is she more beautiful then me?”

No no no, never I only love you, there’s no one in my life but only you”

Then why the bell you leave me? I want answer, you swore of me now tell me”

Please I can’t, don’t make it hard for me or for your self”

I want to know why you did all to me, that’s it now say it” I’m stuck on my point and punched on the table he saw me and Inhale deeply..

“Fine, come here” He said and I move to the side of his chair, he hesitantly up the pant from his ankle and what I saw enough to drown me in tears…


My life was so beautiful just like a fairy tale I find the love of my life, the girl who’s my love soon going to be my wife in no time just some days left. Our families were happy for both of us. Everything was going great when I get a call for an meeting in New York and it’s so much important that I can’t even delay or cancelled it I have to go, so I leave for one week.. I miss Keyndall a lot every time.. leaving her and came far from her really painful. 

It’s already 2 days in New York, the morning when I was all set to go office and park my car in parking area, attend the meeting as per perception it was so good when I free from it feel the hunger in my stomach, as I came out of building there’s a man who running a kebab shop on other side of road.. I wait for the signal to turned into red and walk to the other side but before I reached there a car who broke the signal and hit me so hard that I jumped on the road and a bike who’s going with speed crushed my left leg badly.. I was rotten in pain and it overcome me, I lost my senses and darkness spread everywhere…When my eyes open I saw myself on hospital bed.. doctors came and check me, I try to move but it’s so hard for me…

“Mr.Olson we are really sorry that we can’t rescue your left leg, as it badly crushed and no chances of getting Ok so we cut it and fixed the artificial one…” As he said my mind stop working, I lost my leg…

“You might not run as normal person but can live a normal life, it help you to walk like a normal person or you can too change it time to time” Whatever he said is on other side, main Thing is I lost my leg… for lifetime…

Doctor, did you inform anyone in my home?”

Yes Mr.Olson we already informed your father they’ll be here in no time”

My life Completely change in just sometime I become a person who lost his personality and pride. It’s not just about my leg but I become a sick one .. I was in my thoughts when my parents reached as they saw me tears form in their eyes..

Mother please, stop crying”

I ask my mother who continuously cry by seen my condition and cursed the biker or driver under her throat.. my father handle her and given Strength to her..

Dad did you call Keyndall or her family?”

“No son, I forget we came here in rush, wait I’ll call her” He’s about to dial her number when I stoped him…

No dad, you don’t. I request you one thing” He saw me and put his phone in pocket again…

I’m not gonna marry her, dad she’s a wonderful girl and deserve a perfect man. And fact is fact I’m nothing but a person who’s responsibility she has to carry in future if I marry her”

“What are you saying son”

“I know what I said dad, ask them he don’t wanna marry Keyndall and when she try to met me ask her he don’t wanna even saw her”

I end up everything, a accident took my pride, my confidence, my love everything far from me.. I know my condition nothing for her as this thing may not effect her love towards me but for me it’s everything I want her love not her sympathy… 

I handle myself and when able to walk a little so went to the Atlanta and start making my own school, the same thing which she and I both dreamed off.

A life without her for sure not a life but at least she’s happy somewhere in the world..


He tell me everything, that what’s the reason of leaving me… from so time my tears fallen I want to cry loud and loud but control myself…

“Keyndall you deserve a perfect man…” Before he could say anything I given him a good piece of mind.. as much I can do I slapped hard on his face…

“You deserve this *******”


Shut up! How you came to know I deserve what or what not? If i choose you that means I want to spend my life with you, You are the reason of my tears and my pain.. how could you think my love ends for you? Your one decision ruined our lives Luckas” I fall down and cry loud…

“I so hate you, so so hate you”

Keyndall.. would you give me second chance?” He said as I saw him with confused eyes..

Keyndall Davison would you like to spend your life with me?” He stood from his seat and bend in front of me on knees, taking my hand on his.. 

I’m not” I said while rubbing my tears..,

Please I beg you, the life I live without you is meaningless and soulless please make me complete, just a chance” I saw him and again slapped on his face…

What now?” He said in a shocking way…

Don’t you dare to leave me again asshole” I said and hug him… he too collapsed his arms around me and squeezed me in his arms, we both are in each other’s arm sitting on the floor like kids…


2 February 2018:Present day

Do you Luckas Olison , take Keyndall Davison to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse,in sickness and in health.until death… does apart?

Priest said as he saw me with all the love in his beautiful eyes and given most beautiful smile to me…

“I do” When he said the church which is crowded by people start applause and smile to us…My hand is in his hand and Liam stood near us and saw his parents wedding. He too the one who clap and smile.. priest again said.

” Do you Keyndall Davinson , take Luckas Olson to be Your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better for worse,in sickness and in health.until death… does apart?”

I saw the man whom I love the most, the man who’s my life and the man who love me too the most, then to the second person of my life my Son my life who smile to me, a smile form on my lips and I blink my eyes at him…

“I do” I said and he gesture to the paper which put on the side rostrum, to sign the agreement of wedding.. we both sign on it as everyone stood on their seats now and clap for us cheer up us…

Now you may kiss the bride”

Priest said and he put his hand on my waist taking me near his face, his eyes continuously sticking on my face and slowly our lips collapsed. With the promise of always love each other forever we locked the kiss.

Thank you for given a second chance To me”

He said and kiss on my earlobe make me all red I just smile at him and then to all those looking at us…

For the new life”

I said and all cheer up.. 


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    The overall plot is good, but there are a number of grammatical errors throughout. I would recommend re-reading and making adjustments where necessary.

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