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Scrolls of the Geomancer

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Chapter 5

Sovos stared at the boy for a moment. ‘If he is this eager to go, he must not know what they plan to do in the coming years.’ “So, where is it you said you were from again?” Sovos asked.

“Fris, and you can call me Kurt by the way.”

“Well then Kurt, that explains why you are so eager to go to the Academy.” Fris was small and out of the way, a mere stop on the road to bigger and more exotic places, any person from there studying at the Academy would get attention directed toward Fris. The people of Fris would suddenly have some political sway by having a spell caster coming from the area.

Sovos continued “I have some questions I would like to ask you if that is alright.”

“That would be fine, as long as I can ask some in return.” Kurt said as his hawk landed next to him on the grass.

“Right then, first question: why are you out alone with nothing but your letter, your hawk and the clothes on your back?

“Well,” he hesitated and looked away “I caught a ride with a caravan that was trading along the Loop with goods from the Three Cities. We were attacked by bandits about a week ago, and I’ve been on my own ever since. I travel cross country to avoid any more bandits.” he said very quickly.

“Now my turn, why do you seem to hate the Academy so much?”

Sovos knew he would be asked that eventually, and he had prepared a response.

“I can’t in my right mind put you in danger Kurt, only the worst kind of person does that. I can say this, however, I don’t know what they are trying to do, but without me, they can’t do it.”

“Next question then: do you know what going to the Academy means? And are you willing to do all they ask?”

“First, that was two questions. And yes, I do know. It means that I will become more powerful than I ever could on my own at home and again yes, I am willing to do what is necessary.”

“Now, since you asked me two, I’ll ask you two. First, how did you know that I was a Biomancer just because I have a hawk and second, how do you know of the Academy’s inner workings?”

“Well, to answer your second one first, I was a student there for a few years, and let’s just say, I knew a fly on the wall. After I heard the plans, I was expelled without their knowledge, and have been moving along ever since. Now for your first one, I had several Biomancers in my Supplementary Weapons Skills Class. Some had dogs, a few had cats, and only one had a hawk as a companion.”

“What do you mean ‘expelled without their knowledge’?” Kurt asked.

“Exactly like it sounds, I left and they didn’t realize it for a few days.”

“So, final question then Kurt. Is that all of your questions? Or do you have more?”

“Yep, I have one more but you have really piqued my curiosity about your past with the Academy and why you hate it. I also sense you are hiding something from me, why do they need you and not some other Geomancer?”

“Well, I believe you are hiding something from me as well.”

“Fair enough, but could you answer my question?”

“Well, even I don’t know why they need me and not someone else. All I know is that they do need me.”

“So my original last question, would you mind a traveling companion?”

After a moments thought Sovos said “Not at all, as long as your questions don’t get too involved, I’ll answer them to the best of my knowledge and something has just occurred to me, how did you know that I was a Geomancer?”

“That is another question….you haven’t told me your name yet have you?”

“My, my how rude of me. My name is Sovos.”

“Well, Sig told me,” he gestured at his hawk. “he can sense other spell casters and what they can do, and that was another question, so I have just one more for you”

“Ask away then.”

“Can we get moving already?”

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