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Scrolls of the Geomancer

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Chapter 16

Elysia felt self-conscious about this whole situation. Most people avoided her on principle, and yet a complete stranger had helped her strictly because she was female. She avoided other people as well, but his devotion to his Code had somehow broken through that barrier. But that still begged the question, why had she jumped on his offer? Even she didn’t know why she had said that she needed his help. She had been fine basically on her own for years, not feeling anything toward anyone.

Ever since that day, all those years ago, she hadn’t felt anything. If she got angry, people would run in fear. If she cried, they would continue to torment her. When he had made that shelf, that was the first time in a long time she had let her emotions go. She had tried to get rid of him, but he brushed off the attempt like it wasn’t there. That had unsettled her the most.

It seemed to her that she was in a strange dream.

‘I don’t know what to make of it all.’ she thought as she sat in the water. It felt wonderful to be in the bath after so long. There were no other customers, which suited her perfectly. That way, she didn’t have to worry about being attacked while her dirk was with her clothes.

That was another thing that bothered her about the Geomancer, why was he willing to spend his money for her new clothes? He said that it was because his Code wouldn’t allow him to do anything else.

‘That can’t be the only reason’ she thought ‘he is a man after all’

She scrubbed her hair with sand from the bottom of the pool. ‘not quite as good as soap, but it will have to do’ She rinsed it out with a few quick dunks under the water.

Another thing that she couldn’t get a sense of was his companion, the boy with the hawk. He didn’t seem disgusted by her at all, in fact, he seemed in awe of her.

‘Why? Why are these two so……different from everyone else?’ She sat for a moment longer ‘Oh, well. It’s not like I’ll be around them long enough for their attitudes to keep bothering me’

She stepped out, quickly put a towel on, and wrapped another around her hair. She walked into the changing room and got dressed. His cloak went on to cover the holes in her dress, and she slipped the dirk up her sleeve.

She entered the front room, the Geomancer was pacing, and the boy wasn’t anywhere to be seen. He turned and said, “Well, you look much better. If you’ll just put the hood up, we’ll go and get your new things.” he gestured toward the door.



“What is your name?”

“I am Sovos, the boy is Kurt and the hawk is Sig.” he said as he gestured again.

“Where did they go?”

“Sig doesn’t like being inside, so they have gone to explore for a bit.” he explained.

They stepped outside and walked to the nearest clothing store, which was just down the street.

‘I don’t know what to make of you yet, but for now, thank you.’ She thought as he opened the door for her.

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