Scientific knowledge of adult sex dolls

By @sexdoll520

Scientific knowledge of adult sex dolls

By @sexdoll520

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Chapter 1


Before taking care of sex doll , you need to know that you can use a multifunctional olive oil makeup remover, which is very practical. As a non-professional, try not to clean the doll’s eyebrows. The makeup of the eyebrows is the most difficult to repair. Don’t be too casual about the bones of the moving doll. Ask about the doll’s range of activity. If damaged, returning it for maintenance is cumbersome. TPE is very tear-resistant and can be pinched or grasped, but don’t use your nails to scratch the doll’s skin and leave marks. And leaving the nail mark itself will recover. If you are using silicone, you are not recommended to work hard, because silicone is usually inelastic, scars are irreversible and nail marks do not fall off.

Love doll

The maker of TPE love doll ,Men usually don’t like wearing condoms, but spend most of our time on us to ensure our own safety and the life of our carriers. Sex dolls do not require condoms, and a decline in sales will definitely lead to an increase in unemployment.

Jewelry maker, chocolate box maker-Many of us have not received gifts from our customers, but some rich people provide professional services. Still, every man who is often a brothel brings jewelry, a box of chocolates and other emotions to get rid of the vow to marry another person.

To our knowledge, no one regrets giving his wife flowers for personal ************. These regrets can be said to be an important part of all steps in life. Due to the feeling of the WM doll and the simple fact that we do not want to continue playing the game, we will not hear about future layoffs.

As you know, you are in Washington. I know that blocking choices means more than anyone else in the world. We hope you are passionate about using this strange and mysterious talent to improve the American economy.

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