By @AndrewG

Pulled into a series of confusing and strange scenarios, our protagonist must discover the secret of his past and his future.

Chapter 5

Scenario Four: Dystopia

The die simulation didn’t happen this time. I just went from nothing to waking up in a strange room in an instant. The room had a sort of military feel to it. There was only one bed, but it was small and tidy and very plain. As I walked around a few pieces of the room seemed to be missing, replaced with the same blinding white I saw in the convenience store when I first walked into it.

Was this strange dream falling apart? My thoughts were interrupted by a voice. It seemed to come from everywhere, yet nowhere at once. It said, “Citizen 1,619,524,184, welcome to the city of Hope. You will enjoy your stay in these standard issue living quarters. Curfew begins at 1900 and ends at 700. If you are caught outside within those 10 hours, you will be executed.”

Executed? Did the person speaking mean to say persecuted? Most likely, but it still frightened me. A bit. I wasn’t really feeling fear anymore, due to the fact that I was almost completely sure that I couldn’t die in this dream world. I still hated that feeling that I got when I was about to die. So, I decided to try not to go outside during the curfew.

There was a lone clock on the wall, which showed the time 18:34. I felt tired and sleepless in general, and so I reasoned that it would be better to just get some sleep.

The next day I somehow awoke exactly at 7:00. Once I was completely out of my bed, something flashed in the corner of my eye. I looked towards it. I saw the only door in the room, and I walked towards it. When I opened it, a flash of bright light filled my eyes. I shut the door out of instinct, and when I opened it again, shielding my eyes this time, it opened up into a bleak hallway, with floors and walls made of what looked like cement.

A sign on the wall showed that an exit was to my right. I walked for maybe a minute, and I reached a door that had no differences from any of the others, but something in my mind made me know that it was an exit. I opened the door and all I saw was some kind of city sprawled out in front of me. It seemed very dull, with all of the buildings looking practically the same. There were also billboards with a picture of some man next to a slogan that read, FREEDOM IS OVERRATED.

Was this a dystopian city? It seemed like one, almost like the one depicted in 1984 by George Orwell. Speaking of the city, I had noticed that there were no cars anywhere. Only people were walking in the streets. Also, I saw that none of the buildings had any labels or signs of any sort, except for little lines of text near the front door. My building had the words “Peace Building” next to the front door.

I decided to walk around the city for a while, as I had become kind of hungry. I was hoping for some kind of restaurant, if they existed here. I found a building that read “Rimt L. Shead’l Food Dispensary and Residential Building”. I walked into the same, bleak door and was greeted with a rather bleak smell. It had a smell that reminded me of, well, food. It didn’t seem to be any specific type of food, but it still smelled edible and rather tasty.

It looked like a cafeteria, with a line where strange robots were scooping something onto people’s trays. I took a tray from the rack and placed it onto the small platform next to the glass separating me and the android. The robot scooped a perfect amount of the food and placed it onto my tray, with the glass opening up for the robot perfectly. Also, the food seemed to be absolutely perfect in its portion size. Once I got to the end of the line, a laser scanned my eyes to identify me and I left the line. There were a few seats, all arranged to provide as much capacity as possible, and I sat down in one that was close to the cement wall. It was dark in the room, due to there not being any windows, and so I didn’t see the person walking towards me.

I heard footsteps in my direction, and I looked up and saw a person wearing a lab coat. Nothing too out of the ordinary, since scientists need to eat too, right? Well, he sat down next to me, and when I looked at him I saw it: He was the person who I had seen in my lab vision back in the Flu Apocalypse scenario. It would have been strange in real life, but this was a dream, right? But the lab felt real. It actually felt as if I had woken up during an experiment of some sort. The man snapped his fingers, and everything froze. He stood up, and seemingly touched something on the wall which caused everything to become completely white.

The man, who looked astonishing close to the person that I had seen on the billboards, started talking to me. He said, “Hello. My name is Brent Somnat, grandfather of Leader Somnat of the Etherean Nation.” For some reason, this reminded me of somebody, but I couldn’t remember who it was. I replied with, “Why are you here? Why is this happening to me?” With a light chuckle, Brent said, “Do you not know? You killed my son. And I’m here to get my revenge, and to uphold the honor of the Etherean Nation.”

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