By @AndrewG

Pulled into a series of confusing and strange scenarios, our protagonist must discover the secret of his past and his future.

Chapter 4

Scenario Three: Post-Apocalyptic

I woke up in what seemed to be a house. It had normal walls and ceilings and floors, and didn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. It also reminded me of my house, but I dismissed anything about it being mine because of the fact that many houses can look similar, if they aren’t custom built. As I walked around the house, it seemed to get more and more dilapidated as I got nearer to the other side. The walls were broken and dirty, the floor was covered in dust and pieces of the walls, and a strong smell began to infiltrate my nostrils. Uneager to keep exploring, I returned back to the small bedroom I had started in. The bathroom adjacent to it had shelves with canned food, a cooler, dozens of half empty water jugs, and also what seemed to be some kind of gun case. It seemed as if some hurricane had hit just recently. Also, everything seemed to be modern and normal, at least in this room, unlike the past two experiences I had, one in the “Future” and one probably in the “Past”. So what was different in this world? I journeyed back into the worse part of the house, and found a small kitchen and table with a small TV on it. I turned it on, and surprisingly there was power. I flipped the channels, and found only one that wasn’t just static. It was a government channel that seemed to just be static, but I could also hear a faint voice coming from the TV. I turned up the volume, but I couldn’t make out any of the words that were being spoken.

After looking through the house some more, I found a stash of newspaper articles. The latest one I could find was dated 28th of April, 2041. The headline read: Worst Flu Outbreak in United States Since Spanish Flu. So, was I in the middle of a flu epidemic? I mean, the thought of a flu being responsible for all of the damage to the house and all of the missing TV channels seemed far fetched. But I remembered something from a long, long time ago.

I was six or seven, about to go to school. I suddenly got a massive stomach ache and fever, and so I stayed home. The symptoms kept getting worse, and worse, and worse, until I had to go to the hospital. By that time, my temperature was at 103 degrees Fahrenheit, and I was practically unconscious. But, for some reason, I heard the doctors treating me say something about a weaponized strain of the flu. I hadn’t known what that could have been back then, but for some reason the memory came back to me now. When I was learning that a massive flu outbreak had occurred.

So what if it was a weaponized strain of the flu? What was I to do? I didn’t want to experience that feeling of impending doom like I had felt the past two times, so I decided to try and survive. At first, I thought about going outside, but because of two reasons, I decided against it. First of all, this flu could be transmitted by air, which could mean that I would instantly be infected if I went outside. Also, the A/C seemed to working in here, so hopefully any air that got in here would have already been filtered and any virus that happened to be hiding in it would be killed.

The other reason why I didn’t want to go outside was because of the gun case that whoever had lived here put with all of their supplies. It could mean that people were using the panic to do whatever they wanted. I decided to just stay inside until something happened. I had all the supplies I would need, and so I decided to sleep for a bit.

I was woken up by a bang. It sounded like a door being slammed shut, so I opened the gun case to see if I could try and defend myself. The case was empty, so I hid underneath the bed. After a few minutes, a man that I had never seen before entered the room. He held some kind of shotgun and seemed suspicious. He saw the opened case and the cans lying around, and immediately put on a scared expression. He still hadn’t noticed me, but then he seemed to see something under the bed, so I crawled towards the very back. It was uncomfortable, but better than being shot.

Soon enough, I was found. He dragged me out from under it and yelled at me in some foreign language. Somehow, I was able to understand it, though, and so I replied in english. For some reason, the language that came out of my mouth was not english, but the man seemed to understand it. I told him that I had not meant to steal his food and that I meant no harm, and his grip on me loosened a bit. After thinking for several seconds, the man let me go, but still had his gun trained at me. He told me to leave the house, and so I did.

The world outside seemed so… empty. No sounds, other than the gentle waves of the ocean. The road was completely empty, and all of the houses seemed abandoned. I heard a lone helicopter flying above me. It had the words World Health Organization on it.

Had this world truly been destroyed so completely? That there was no one left except for a few stragglers? And with such a seemingly innocuous disease? I walked around for a few minutes, until I found the same convenience store that I had gone into originally. This meant that the house I had woken up in was in my town, but that wasn’t that important, unless this actually was the future.

I walked into the convenience store once again, completely unsure of what I was going see and feel. This time, it was a dark room that looked like some kind of laboratory with a few strange person-sized things. They almost looked like MRI machines. There were also people sitting at computers, who started panicking about something. A person standing right next to me yelled something to them, and they typed something into the computer, and I went back to sleep.

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