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Rub Out 3

By @robinson1979

Chapter 48 Food Toxin

Mr. D Day inputs information for it to output on foods such as fruit, crackers, peanut butter, meat, cheese, anything both outside and inside the fridge. The toxins from the environment while the data is in the motherboard and mainframe will continuously float to the food. The food will soak in the toxins and absorb so much that when eaten it will make the landlady sick. 

The landlady severely vomits. She runs outside the house vomiting on the front grass. She runs out of the townhome community getting away from the toxins floating toward the food at a rapid rate. She still vomits down the sidewalk. Her lungs collapse. She can’t breathe. She falls to the ground gasping for air. She catches her breathe. She stands up and tastes the toxins even outside the community. She runs down to the beach and stays away all day waiting for the air to clear.

Mrs. Nice Girl says no. It’s not her. She is not the real reason. She was not that important enough to him to do this. It would have been one of his friends more that her. She was insignificant to him in comparison to one of his friends back home. She was like small between two fingers to him. Like nothing. No. It wasn’t her. 

One of her on deck power pushes from socialbook throwing one of my unconscious hits towards her making her not even die. Making that fool think that she is dead and then making him want to be dead. That’s actually what I think he did. 

I do now or did think at one point in time but then he thought oh well. I didn’t ******* get one of *********** her! 

His Dad tells his Mr. Sweetie and Mr. Component that she is right about most of the things. He was watching a person do something behind his back that he did not like. He did not want her to keep doing it behind his back. He had a baby and they wanted another but she kept doing this behind his back. He did not want another baby with her while she was doing this behind his back.

He thought something which led to something else that made him even more mad.  Made him even more upset. It was actually something else that really ticked him off.  

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