By @-Burgundy-

Chapter 1


The process of drowning ; being stuck under the water , unable to reach the surface , unable to fill your lungs with the sweet oxygen , unable to breathe . The most amazing part is your body’s response to this situation . Because no matter what , no matter if you have purposely put yourself in this position or have found yourself in a rather unfortunate situation

                                                        You fight . 

 Your instinct to survive is ignited by the adrenaline and the pure fear pumping through your veins , and you begin to fight desperately , animalistically even , to survive . And as you fight , as you struggle to not allow the water to fill your lungs , you instinctively hold your breath and begin to suffocate . And as you do that , your head feels like it’s going to explode from the lack of oxygen . Your throat aches . But you keep your mouth shut anyway because you’re so desperate to survive . So in the end , you both suffocate and drown . Or you miraculously find a way to survive .


 It truly is fascinating , the way your body will so desperately fight on its own accord to keep you alive . It is then rather pathetic , how it eventually shuts down , unable to function without oxygen .


 It starts to break down . You lose consciousness , your lungs fill with water , your heart stops , and you die .

                         It makes you wonder ; Why even fight at all?

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