Roman Holiday

By @NandyWin
Roman Holiday

FBI Agent, Riley Bellemore is sent to Sicily, Italy, to uncover plans of a dangerous man, who use to be affiliated with the Sicilian Mafia. Her plans don't work out too well, when she's suddenly captured by Luca Vecellio, the Sicilian mafia boss.

Chapter 1


The streets filled with glowing night light with party goers livening it up. The beautiful island of Sicily in Italy is magical with long summers, culture, art, and architecture; it seduces travelers with eternal crossroads.

I was not here for fun or games but for work that is high risk and perilous. As people laughed, they were unaware of the possible dangers that were behind the scenes.

I thanked the driver that dropped me off in front of the nightclub that my target was located. I smoothed down my sultry black mini dress and started walking towards the entrance.

The bouncer gave me a nod of approval and I walked in with grace. I scanned my line of vision and walked deeper into the club. I decided to grab a drink and people watch from the bar. I could sense the hungry stares of the men near me but kept my focus on finding my target.

I normally did not dress like this but in my line of work, some assignments required me to go undercover. As I continued to watch the dancing crowd, a few men came in pushing people aside who were in their way. They disappeared into the back and that was my cue to investigate. I made my way through the crowd, avoiding guys who tried to grab at me.

I came to a dingy narrow hallway and crept my way down. I held my breathe to the sudden gun shot that was drowned out by the blaring club music. I quickly took out the glock that fit in my purse perfectly and went into defense mode.

Another shot went off.

I crouched down, getting to the back door and looked into the alleyway. I made sure no one was coming behind me too.

Shot number three.

I peaked out further and saw a body lying limp in the middle of the alleyway. I spotted a man taking cover in the archway of the building next door. There was no telling how many others were hiding nearby but that man was my target. I saw a smart car parked just a few feet away and thought to take cover behind it. As I was about to tip toe over, strong arms grabbed me from behind and pinned me against their body.

“What are you doing here, tesoro?” The mysterious man said with his deep soothing voice. I quickly whipped around to meet the grey eyes of a very handsome man and took a step back. He was about to grab me but I avoided his touch by shifting my position.

I stared into his emotionless eyes as they burned in a pit of pique. He tried again and that’s when things started to escalate. All of a sudden, it’s as if we were dancing and battling to overpower one another. Kicks and punches were thrown. It was harder for me to gain control, considering I was in a dress and heels but I fought. I lost my gun in the heat of the moment and saw it several feet away.

Who is this man anyways?

“Your skills are good but you should give up,” he growled, as he blocked my high kick.

“I don’t give up,” I lunged at him and we were rolling on the ground fighting for dominance. He got the upper hand, and a wicked smile appeared on his face. My gun was a few inches away. I tried to grab it but a punch in the head was all it took for me to black out.

This was not good nor planned.

~ ~ ~

My senses came back slowly. I could feel the cold air affecting my body as a shiver ran up my spine. I could hear water droplets hitting the surface of the floor. My mouth was dry and parch from the neglect of no water intake. I managed to open my eyes, however, found it difficult when there was nothing but darkness. I tried to wiggle free but the ropes that tied my wrists and ankles dug into my skin.

I was not in a good situation.

I tried to rock back and forth to see if I could loosen myself free but ended up on the floor with an oomph. The door to the room opened and I peaked through my hair to see a man walking towards me.

He picked me back up and a single light hung above me gave me vision to the musty room I was in. Splattered old blood could be seen on the ground and walls. Chains were bolted to the stone wall in front of me and I knew I was in some sort of torture chamber.

“Don’t look scared now, I haven’t even done anything to you,” the blonde haired man, slyly smirked. I continued to stay silent as I kept an emotionless face, not wanting him to think I was affected by the situation I was in. He started to circle around me like a vulture. I kept my attention on the stone wall, trying to stay relaxed.

“We know who you are,” he said, the sound of his Italian shoes echoed off the walls, “But the important question is, who do you work for?”

Silence engulfed the room as he stopped in his steps. I didn’t know who these guys were. If they were the men that worked for my target, I would be in trouble. I just needed a sign of who these guys were.

“Don’t make this hard, we will find out everything one way or another,” He interrogated and stepped out of the room when a knock was heard. I could hear muffles from the other side of the door but couldn’t make out what they were saying.

The door opened up ten minutes later and two men came in. One man untied me while the other pointed a gun at me. I could take them down easily but getting information was my number one priority. I was handcuffed as soon as the ropes came undone.

How ironic.

Barefoot with achy muscles, they pushed me to go wherever they were taking me. Through winding hallways of multiple cells and private chambers. The man to my left gripped me tighter as the other pushed the big metal door open, leading to the outside world. I blinked rapidly as the sunshine attacked my eyes.

We walked through a wooded area for about ten minutes and came to a clearing with luscious green grass. I noticed a garden up ahead and a large beautiful fountain. As we got closer going up steps, a large Greek styled pool took my breathe away. The water looked refreshing and inviting.


They led me through a path up to the back door and we walked down a corridor. The house was awe-inspiring but eerie in a way. The dark colored curtains were drawn closed, and the air in the house did not seem inviting. We went up the grand granite stairs that was adorned with a large black carpet.

Is there any color around here?

We turned a corner and halted in front of massive dark mahogany doors. I was a bit nervous to find out what was behind these doors but kept my poker face on. The heavy doors crept open, when authorization to enter was given.

There sat the man that I had a little tango with back at the club. He looked up from the papers he was looking at and met my eyes. He fixed his posture, making him look bigger than he was. The energy he gave off was menacing, authoritative, and overall negative.

“Miss Riley Bellemore,” he leaned back in his chair as I dared not to break our eye connection. He seemed to be the boss, so I was definitely with the wrong mob.

Where the hell was I?

“If I knew who you were from the start, I wouldn’t have treated you so hostile,” he continued, “But now that I’ve got all the information from Chief William Johnson, I’ll make you a deal.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and a smirk ran across his handsome face. He pointed to the chair to indicate the men to sit me down. My eyes stayed locked with his, wanting answers.

FBI Chief Director William Johnson was my boss. He sent me to Sicily, Italy, to unravel the plans of, Roberto Moretti, a mafia member that was driven out of the Sicilian mafia. Roberto had many warehouses with unknown weapons back in the states. It was my job to get close and reveal those plans of what he was going to do. As I put together the puzzle pieces, a light bulb went off above my head.

This man must be the boss of the Sicilian mafia.

“Your boss works for me,” he got up from his desk and circled around, sitting at the edge of his desk in front of me.

Chief Johnson is part of the mafia?

Questions raised as I kept thinking. Flashbacks of a man entering and leaving Chief Johnson’s office came to me, “Who are you?”

“I’m Luca Vecellio, boss of the Sicilian Mafia.”


Let the danger begin….

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