Roller Coasters

By @rileighrunkel

Roller Coasters

By @rileighrunkel

Chapter 1


Carly sat down on the roller coaster and realized she was terrified for her life. So many things could go wrong. As she was about to get up and get off a cute boy came and sat next to her. She just sat there and didn’t say anything and then the roller coaster started moving. There was no going back now.

It was going up, down, around, around, up down and then. Suddenly it just stops. Everyone is upside down and freaking out. Carly is freaking out but then he speaks.

“Hi, I’m James, What’s your name?”

“Hi, I’m Carly.”

“So Carly, how are you?”

“Well at the moment I’m not doing so great. How are you?” Carly says in between breaths.

“I’m actually doing pretty good right now. I don’t mind the height or being stuck upside down.” 

People staring up at them. Carly still couldn’t breath and was starting to freak out. James noticed that she was having trouble breathing so he quickly grabbed her hand and tried to calm her down. After what felt like 5 hours but was actually 10 minutes they were still waiting for help and people kept saying that help would be there soon.

Within 5 minutes help showed up. There were firefighters and cops all around. Then finally the cops and firefighters started to get the people down safely. Carly was still freaking out and crying and then once they got to her she calmed down a little bit. Then they started to bring her down safely once she got to the ground she started running around looking for her family. She was also looking for James. Then she found them

The End

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