Red. The Color of My Life.

By @Books_and_Secrets
Red. The Color of My Life.

A 7-year-old girl is kidnapped while walking to school by a gang. What happens and who does she become.

Chapter 7

Ombre Night Gang

We get in and drive to his gang house.

His gang house is not as big as mine. His is two stories high with few windows and a blue door. We walk in and everyone has their guns on me. There are about 10 men around 19 years old. 

“ Wow Dillon, your men sure know how to welcome guests. Do they always do this or am I the only one that gets this kind of welcome? If you bring girls here do they freak out?” 

“ Yes if it’s a stranger they always do this. And no I never bring girls here except you.” 

“ Okay. So are you going to introduce me?” 

“ Of course. Guys stand down this is Riley Rose my friend. She is in a gang and armed so don’t **** her off. Or I let her do whatever she wants to do to you. Riley these are the guys. They can tell you their names later. Right now I’m hungry.”

He drags me to the kitchen where we make sandwiches and eat them. I want to see their gym so we go down to the gym in the basement. 

The gym is about the same size as mine and has the same equipment as mine.

I run to the balance beam and jump onto it. I flip onto my hands and walk on my hands down the beam. Then flip back to my boots walking on the beam to the end and spin off. Landing upright. I hear most of the guys clapping. I smile and go to the high bar. 

I sit on the high bar looking at the guys beneath me. 

“ What should I do?” I ask the crowd. 

“ Spin and jump off.” one of the men yells.

I spin around the bar a few times and jump off into a crouch. They clap. I bow to the crowd.

“ Who is the best at knives?” I ask.

A man about 19 years old came out of the crowd. He has blond hair and brown eyes. He stood a few feet taller than me. 

“ I am.” He says.

I smile and say “ I challenge you to a knife throwing contest. We each get three knives and you get to pick what distance. Do you accept?” 

“ I accept your challenge.” he says smiling. 

“ Okay. What distance? You can go first.” 

“ 30 feet.” he says walking to pick out three knives while I unstrap mine. 

He stands 30 feet from the target and throws his first knife landing in the middle ring but not on the X. I throw my knife from the spot and land in the middle of the X. Gasps are heard coming from everyone. He throws his second and hit next to mine. The I throw another one on the X. His third goes next to mine. Mine again on the X. 

“ This is you best knife thrower. No wonder you are second.” I mumble.

“ No fair. I wasn’t at my best.” he whines.

I throw another knife so it goes right by his head. “ I hate your whining. Every time I have ever end up in a competition with men. The men always complain. They weren’t ready or they were just warming up. Just take the defeat or challenge me to something else.” I rant.

“ Okay. I challenge you to guns. Handguns at across the room. One clip most on the target wins. You go first.” he says.

“ Fine. But if I win you can’t whine or I challenge you to a fight till one of us drop. Okay?” I say.

“ Okay.” He shakes my hand with a firm handshake to seal the deal.

I take my pink gun out of the holster. I hear snickers. I load the clip and go to the other side of the room with my back to the wall. I fire my gun at the target hitting in the head, heart, and groin. All the guys flinch. I laugh and put my gun away. 

“ You going to shoot or marvel at my masterpiece?” I ask.

“ I’m shooting but I know I can’t beat that.” He says back to the wall opposite the target next to mine. His shots go all over the place. One in the head, few in the heart, two in the arms, three in the legs, and the rest in the background of the target. 

“ Your right. That was horrible compared to my art.” I say smirking.

I can see that he has a look of pure fury on his face. 

“ I mean come on. You’re in a gang. How could you be that bad of a shot?” I taunt him.

He comes running at me. I slip to the side and grab his arm, using his momentum, I flip him. He is out cold after he hit the ground. 

“ That was fun. What else do you have to do around here. I’m bored.” I say. They chuckle and two of them carry the guy upstairs. 

“ We can play video games or eat. I guess.” Dillon says looking at me.

“ Video games sound fun. I can’t wait till I inaliate you guys.” I say skipping down the hall. I find a room with a label that says game room. 

There are multiple tvs, couches, and chairs. Also every game console known to man. I skip over to one of the couches and plop down. 

They run into the room a few minutes later.

“ What took you so long? I almost started the game without you.” I say.

“ We took only five minutes to get Ron to his bedroom and back here.” he says.

“ Oh, so the guy I knocked out is Ron. Is it bad that I knocked him out without knowing his name?” I ask.

“ No.” he says simply.

“ Okay. Then let’s play.” I say 

I grab a controller and turn on the playstation to Call of Duty. 

“ Who is brave enough to go against the Queen?” I ask looking at all of the guys.

“ I will.” Says Dillon.

“ Okay.”

An hour later and I beat them all. The only one that got even close to beating me is Ethan. 

“ I can’t believe it. All you guys couldn’t beat me. Your worst than the guys at my house. No one can beat the Queen!” I say after beating Ethan.

I get up and walk to the kitchen. I grab an apple and cold pizza slice. Eating while walking around the house. 

The rooms are mostly the same with bed, table, chair, and books. The living room has a huge tv and many places to sit. The dining room is set up as a meeting room. Dillon’s office looks barley used since all the papers are on the dining room table. The guys are still in the game room trying to beat my high score. 

“ Hey. Since you showed me your house. You guys should come to my house. Then we can see who is the second best at Call of Duty.” I say.

“ Sure, how about tomorrow?” he says.

“ Okay. Now I must say goodbye for now. Till I see you morrow.” I say doing a dramatic bow towards them. 

I run home and go to my room. I get ready from bed with a smile on my face. I jump onto my bed still smiling as I drift off to sleep.

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