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Red. The Color of My Life.

By @Books_and_Secrets

8 Years Ago - Kidnapped

I screamed at the big man that suddenly jumped in front of me. My heart started beating loudly. I’m scared and surprised. He took a step toward me and I stepped back. I turned to run but he placed a cloth over my mouth and nose. I smelled a sweet smell like candy then I blacked out. 

I woke up distorted, scared, and hungry. I was on a small bed in a small room. My heart started beating faster while I look around. There was a door but as I tried to open it, I found out it was locked. In the gray room there was the small bed, a blanket that I kicked onto the floor and a mirror. I looked into the mirror and saw myself, my straight burgundy hair that stopped just above my shoulders, my blue eyes peered back at me. My body is skinny but has muscles. I grabbed the blanket and smashed the mirror into jagged pieces and grabbed one of the biggest. With the piece in my hand behind my back, I walked back to the door. The door opened to reveal a large man in a suit. He had dark skin, little hair, and kind brown eyes. I stepped back towards the bed as he entered. 

“ Hello, little one. How are you?” He said in a gentle voice. 

“ Who are you?” I said with a little shake in my voice. 

“ My name is Mike. What’s your name little one?” said Mike.

“ My name is Riley. Where am I?” I said as my heart calmed down.  

“ You’re in an abandoned warehouse also known as one of our bases, Riley.” 

“ Why did you take me?” 

“ I thought that you would be a good member in our gang. I want to train you, Riley. I have been watching you and believe that you are strong and a fighter. Will you join us?” 

“ Um. I don’t know. What about my foster family?” 

“ If you join they will think you died or ran away. Whichever you choose.” He said shrugging.

“ How long do I have to decide?” 

“ Three days. We are moving back to our headquarters in New York City.” 

“ Okay. Can I get something to eat?” 

“ Sure come with me.” 

He walked back out the door and I followed him through many halls. The halls all looked the same, it made it hard to tell where you are going. Finally, he stopped in front of a double door. He pushed it open and I was met with the smell of delicious food. There were tables and chairs, it looked like some sort of dining room. I ran to a table and waited. 

He came to the table with two plates of food. There was mashed potatoes with carrots and a few other vegetables. I grabbed the mirror shard in my left hand and started to shovel food in with my right. He watched me eat with a blank expression. 

I finished it all in a few minutes. He was also done. He got up and I followed, switching the mirror shard back to my right hand, ready if anyone tried to hurt me. 

We walked along the dull gray halls to a white door. He pushed open the door it showed a white bedroom with a twin size bed, a small table, and a dresser. I was shocked as I walked in and looked at the white walls and the comfy looking bed. 

“ Is this where I will be staying?” I asked Mike. 

“ Yes, little one. Goodnight.” He said and walked out the door, leaving me in the room alone. 

I walked around the room and looked through the drawers. I found some clothes that are my size and a few knives hidden in a false bottom of the bottom drawer. I picked up one of the knives and looked at the shiny blade. I placed the knife and mirror shard back in the drawer. I closed the drawer and continued my search. I looked in the table and found a few books. I grabbed one with a knife on the cover to read. I jumped under the covers and read the exciting book. Soon my eyelids were getting heavy and I was asleep. 

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