Red Jelly Fish

By @Mimi007
Red Jelly Fish

Ravenous dreams kisses of sea orchids

Chapter 1

My sweet hot red ruby rose grapefruit juice and nectar of the vines of August

Splash! Oh you go flying across the carpet, chasing the Sun. Come to me get some jelly for the feast, will eat you up.

Scoff your mouth, a rough rouge jewel, specious shining through your beguiling black eyes. Wet seeping slit seducing my senses, I will *** twice no, more. Yes I know you are entitled.

Lick my kvnt-that’s right, stuff your tongue into my opening slot. She is my sweet muffcake fruity loops flavours tripping

House party I’m entering the rage zone, giddy with desire, deep now deepest fingers entering slowly dripping wet mouth of animal sex, your love juice respin.

Fleshly voluptuous vein bulging bump, it’s an enema blowing suckling I am queen powering up.

You turn me on, the drug of choice. *** here close by and safe- intimate.

My ******* burning bush baby, hop up fly for me.


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