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QUIZ: What Genre Are You Made to Write?

By @writercat383

Record your answers on a piece of paper as you go!

If you had to pick between these movies, which one would you watch?

a) Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

b) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

c) The Fault In Our Stars

d) Movie? How about some sort of cartoon?

e) Eh, just turn on the History Channel. That’s more interesting and useful.

In your spare time, you like to . . .

a) play video games or Fortnite

b) surf the Internet

c) writing prompts, of course–one can never be too prepared for their grand destiny

d) draw or doodle. 

e) extra credit homework. You need the teachers in your favor.

When you get ice cream, you get . . .

a) mint chocolate chip or walnut

b) moose Tracks or Peanut Butter

c) birthday cake or Superman

d) black cherry or strawberry

e) plain chocolate or vanilla


Your favorite drink is . . .

a) Water or ice tea

b) Soda or juice

c) some kind of coffee–latte, frappuccino, etc . . . 

d) lemonade

e) milk–chocolate, strawberry, or just plain.

The instrument you play is . . .

a) drums

b) piano or flute

c) guitar or ukulele

d) xylophone or banjo

e) no instrument, sorry.

The after-school clubs you participate in are . . .

a) computer class

b) art club

c) poetry-reading club

d) drama club

e) reading group

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