Pure Ponder

By @ZiexDaelle
Pure Ponder

Via's a teenager, a female going through phases of life that her mother doesn't agree with and her distant father couldn't care about. She believes she's gay, her mother calls it a phase, and her dads laying with another woman. Needless to say, her mother's wrong, her father's suspicious behavior leads to something devastating, and Via learns how to make better decisions in life. Decisions that won't lead to possible deaths, car crashes, and enraged parents. Maybe.

Chapter 1

Prologue: She Waits

The world can be unpredictable at times. It can be unfair, utterly cruel, and fantastically terrifying.

Even Via knows this, she knows her mom won’t make it through the surgery just as much as she knows that her dad’s cheating on her mom. She’s not 9 years old anymore! She’s 16 already and beyond ready to just grow up. Things don’t just fly into an oblivious brain like they used to, they zip into her ears or through her eyes and filter as something either negative or positive.

The reasons never mattered to her, she dares not even confront them both about these knowing events.

Just because she knows does not mean she wants to face it.


Via entered the emergency room with a furrowed brow and an open mindset, she tried to appear normal and indifferent to these events. Even if her argument had caused her mother to tear her eyes from the road and crash into oncoming traffic. Even if she knew her mom’s chest cavity had been pierced by the third car’s front end bumper. Even if her dad tried hiding it from her and breaking down on the spot. Which didn’t work, she had taken shotgun that day.

Via had always been an intellectual child, less emotional and more straightforward yet quiet and thinking.

Via was always thinking, she’d get so focused that she’d go quiet and miss the whole conversation. But no one really minded, her brain was pretty powerful and she wasn’t really emotional so they couldn’t stir up any negative OR positive emotions from her. They left her alone with her thoughts.

However, the day of the crash, Via had been irritated just enough to the point of blowing up. It was something that was starting to occur more frequently (her dad had called it the teenage rebellion stage, or something like that). Her mother wouldn’t listen to her pleas for acceptance and her father wasn’t taking sides in this argument at all. He was cooped up in the backseat with their vacation bags and vacay gear, as well as his new touchscreen phone (Via had called him lame for this, considering all he did was read digital newspapers and buy online t-shirts).

Today was different, the conversation was different and Via was acting different. Her mother, Genea, had noticed instantly, asking her about the group of friends she hung out with and why she was behaving weirdly. Via’s response was full of attitude and irritation, “nothing. They’re just happy-go-lucky, why can’t you just let them have fun? That’s all they want is to hang out and have fun, yet you always have something negative to say about them. They’re JUST gay, mom, it’s not a big deal!”

“Via, you know the rules of our household. That gay community is nothing good, you need to stay away from them.”

“What? Do you think they’re going to ******* change me? Is that it?”

“Language, John, I can’t believe you’re not commenting on this!”

“I’m gay, mom, I’ve been trying to tell you forever but you’re so ******* rude and you make it so hard!”

There was an audible gasp before Via’s mother turned to face her with a very angry glare.

“Olivia Genoi Husklin!”

“What!? Gonna make a- Mom!”

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