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Pull at my Heartstrings

By @ObsidianLightX3

I Get a Sexy Dress And a Solo

Things were going well until we were getting close to the end of our third song.

I had tried out and ended up getting a solo in this one. It was mainly given to me because the teacher is actually pretty close to me, and she knows how much I love this song. I know it by heart.

We were doing Criminal by Britany Spears.

So I get to solo this song, and in the last couple notes, I have to kiss Dirk.

There is a lot of hip movement in this song, and I think Dirk likes it. He doesn’t really do any singing, just me dancing around him and singing.

So, technically, this isn’t the third song. It’s the last, but not the third. It’s the fourth.

The rest of the class will be doing another song, while Dirk and I go offstage to change into something different. Dirk will be wearing one of his usual sexy bad-boy get ups. I get to change into something that no one is really sure about. But according to Mrs. Crum, it’s “very sexy”.

The last part comes up, and I take my place in front of Dirk. He wraps his right arm around my waist, and I grab his shoulder with my right hand. He leans into a dip, and we pose, but don’t kiss.

This is the ninth time we’ve done this.

The class is working on their last song inside, so we’re not needed in there.

Long after the music has ended Dirk sighs and stands up straight, pulling me with him. We both take a step; I head for the CD player to stop the track from playing again.

I turn to him, hands on my hips.

“Tomorrow is stage rehearsal.”

He nods.

“And… we might have to go through with this.”

He nods again.

We stand in silence, before going back to the classroom. They’re just putting chairs back. I sit in my seat and Victoria looks at me, grinning.

“Did you kiss?”


“But you’re supposed to!”

“We’ll get to it!”

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