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By @masiella-grob


I woke up this morning feeling ready to face reality. I mean nothing to anyone. No one will ever date me, and no one will like me. Sad, since my crush Deavon is single again.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe it’s a problem with both of us. I just got out of a tough relationship too! His name was Aiden and he was the love of my life, sadly, I wasn’t his. Madison was, and I got cheated on.

Today, I am going to try really hard to be a girl that Deavon will like. Smart, pretty, and popular. I would be just like all of Deavon’s other girlfriends. 

“Hurry up, Ava, or your going to be late!” My mom called at me.

I quickly threw on my rainbow crop top, white shorts, and my rainbow vans. I braided my hair and put on mascara. I was ready.

I quickly got in my mom’s car and she drove me to school.

“Bye!” I said when she pulled into the school. She said something but I had already closed the door.

“Oh, wow! Slay me with a sword! I think I see an angel!” My best friend Angel said as she saw me.

“Oh my God. I love you!” I laughed.

“I think today is the day Deavon sees what your missing.” She winked at me.

I couldn’t help but take a peek at where Deavon was, and sure enough he was looking me up and down.

“You think so? I asked her.

“I know so.” She smiled.

I had to get to class at some point, so I started to walk to the class I share with Deavon, Madison, and Angel. 

Angel was going on about how perfect her and Clarissa’s dresses were. I nodded, then she asked me the question I was dreading.

“So… Who are you going with?” She looked at me with a raised eyebrow. And of course Deavon was right there.

So he came over to us and said “Me.”

I was so shocked! I just stood there looking at him trying to determine if this was a joke. Angel started jumping up and down. And I knew it wasn’t a joke. 

“I mean, if that’s okay with you.” He said as an after thought.

“Totally.” I said remaining cool.

“Sweet. Angel, you don’t mind if I sit with Ava, do you?” He asked Angel sweetly.

“Not at all. You two have fun.” She smirked and winked at me.

As soon as she sat down, Madison came up and sat right next to her. She looked at me and giggled. And Angel rolled her eyes. 

I hate when Madison does that! First, my boyfriend! Now my best friend.

“Don’t worry, Angel can handle herself. She’s tough.” Deavon laughed. “She’s actually the reason I didn’t ask you out sooner. I was too afraid of her.” 

I laughed at the thought of Angel scaring the star running back.

“I love your laugh,” Deavon said as I blushed. “It makes you seem… even more beautiful.”

I blushed an even darker shade of red.

We found our seat and he slipped his hand into mine. I was so shocked that I let out a gasp.

“What’s wrong? Do you not like me?” He asked mock offended.

“I do! I swear!” I exclaimed.

He smiled and went back to paying attention to the qualitys of a right angle.

As soon as they said right angle, Angel looked back at me and crossed her eyes. People are always calling her Angle.

At the end of class, I went to find Angel, whom Madison was still with, and we were going to walk to our next class. But, Deavon had other plans.

“Come on, Avie baby.” He said to me. 

I don’t know how to feel about the nickname, I mean it was kind of cute.

Angel looked at me with wide eyes. I mouthed back “I don’t know.”

“Come one Ava, I’ll take you to your class.” Deavon said.

He dropped me off and Angel walked in. Matt on her heels. 

They put their bags down on the seats around me and looked at me. 

Matt is gay and he’s literally so amazing! If he wasn’t gay I would literally date him! But I can’t. I don’t even know what Deavon and I are.

“Okay! What is up with Deavon?” Angel said as soon as she sat down. “Like I can’t even picture a better boyfriend for you. Although… he does seem a little clingy.” She tapped her chin and looked at me up and down.

“Awh, clingy is literally so adorable! I would give anything to have a guy like Deavon all over me.” Matt smiled.

“I know you would,” Angel giggled. “But would Ava..? Or Avie baby” She bursted out laughing.

“Oh, hush you.” I swatted at her arm. “And I don’t think it’s clingy, I think it’s possessive.” 

She tapped her chin and faced away from me. 

“Maddison told me something very… concerning about your newest boyfriend.” Angel started very measured.

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I defended. “And since when do you care what Madisatan says?”

She ignored me and continued talking. “She said that the only reason Maise left Deavon was because he was always with her. Like all over her 24/7. So annoying! And she wasn’t able to hang with any of her friends anymore. Same thing was confirmed by Claire.” 

Matt and I sat there for a good minute before we could get over the shock. This doesn’t sound like my Deavon. The one that I put on the peadestal. The one that I cared so much for… This couldn’t be the same guy.

“Are you sure she said Deavon and not Evan. I could see him being clingy and needy. Deavon seems different.” I murmured. 

“I couldn’t even walk with you! Let alone sit with you!” Angel almost screamed. “You knew each other for what five minutes? And he’s already holding your hand and calling you Avie baby?!” 

“Oh! But you can do that with all of your hookups. What are you on like number 100?” I shouted back, finally losing my temper. 

“Wow. Nice to know who my real friends are. Have fun with your boyfriend, Ava. I’m out.” Angel said and walked out.

I felt bad, but hell she did this to herself. Acting all good when she has a hookup every other day.

Matt looked up at me and walked out to find Angel.

Fine by me, I didn’t need them anyway. I’m sure I can find new friends in 10 seconds flat. Time to start the list.

Potential Friends:

1. Madison: Nice, would get to friends… dating ex..

2. Luca: Matt likes, could talk ****, adorable

3. Luna: cool goth girl, sweet, hates Angel

4. Darla: seems chill, nice enough, popularish

This would be my crew. Time to recruit my dream team. These are the peoples I want in my life. People to lift me up, not drag me down.

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