By @Bella_Of_Midgard

Thanos has snapped. Bucky, Dr. Strange, and thousands of others have disappeared into the Quantum Realm. Natasha, Cap, Thor, and Bruce are trying to figure out how to get everyone back, before its too late and he uses the stones again. (this story is unfinished, I will probably add more and more until I can't anymore) Thanks for reading!

Inspired by: Avengers

Chapter 1

Chapter One

As he turned around, Bucky saw his friends and colleagues disintegrating before his eyes. Suddenly he was no longer in Wakanda with Steve, but in a dark, unknown realm. Thankfully he noticed some people he knew like Sam and Wanda, but that did not take away the fact that something bad was going on, and he wanted to figure out what it was.

Bucky was walking around the mysterious realm trying to get information as to where he really was. He saw a cloaked being coming closer to him in the dark, and he realized it was Dr. Stephen Strange, who he had only met once in the past. “Where am I.” Bucky said to Stephen as he slowly walked into the faint light coming from some distant star. “You’re in the Quantum Realm.” Stephen said bleakly, as if he knew something that Bucky didn’t about what had happened on Wakanda. “How did I even get here?”, “Why am I here?” Bucky had so many questions for Stephen, but he only had answers for a few of them.

“The Quantum Realm is not necessarily a place, but it’s more of a force.” Stephen said to Bucky. “When Thanos snapped his fingers with all six infinity stones, he sent half of the population to this realm, the Quantum Realm.” “That makes sense” Bucky said. “So how did I end up here, if I was in Wakanda just a few minutes ago?” “Days.” Stephen interjected. “Time works very differently in the Quantum Realm than it does on Earth, or any other planet.” “So”, Bucky said, “How many days has it been on Earth if we have been here for about an hour?” “About three days” Stephen said with uncertainty. “I’m not very sure of the exact time difference, but I know that an hour here is a few days on Earth.” Bucky was confused. He had no idea how to get out of this mysterious and dark realm, but what he did know is that he was going to try, even if it killed him.

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