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Poetry From Your Average Teenage Girl

By @just_another_writer

A Reminder

It’s okay to be sad,

For a moment.

It’s okay to have self pity,

For a second.

As long as you don’t

Spend your entire life

Looking back at the past,

You can feel sorrowful.

You can grieve,

You can cry,

You can hurt,

Just as long as you

Get back on your feet and try again.

When you do the things 

You love the most

And you want to quit. 

When you feel like giving up

Because the pressure is too much.

When the weight on your shoulders

becomes to heavy,

It’s okay to take a moment

To cry. 

When the drama becomes to much,

When you want to walk away

But there’s something holding you back.

When you know you did something wrong

But there’s nothing 

You can do about it.

Take a moment,

Cry a little,

Get your thoughts together

And fix it.

Then, move on.

You don’t have to forget,

You just need to

Let go 

And keep moving.

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