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Poetry: College

By @BizTheUnicorn

It's Getting Cold

The sharp ***** of a pin

gets close to explaining how I feel when you post about him.

Like something you keep forgetting is there

because you’re so distracted, you’re having a good time.

I like to think you smile with me like you smile with no one else,

but I know you show that smile for him.

I know because once, I was him

and it hurts

like an open wound that will never close,

slowly, with a burn that is buried under complacency

until the mention of him digs a pin in. Just a little pin,

or a needle…

My emotions fall apart like a poorly constructed ball of yarn

I’m still holding myself together, but it’s a tangled mess

One strand reaches for you,

that strand wants to wrap around you, take you, fight for you

and the other is trying to drag me away,

to put the past behind me, move past what we had,

but I know it’s still there,

but I feel like we never got a chance.

You once told me that you thought I was your soulmate

but I know you can’t live with half a soul while I’m far away.

You need him.

You need someone who can be there for you,

someone like a fresh-knit sweater, to keep you warm.

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