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By @Geekerella

What Is This Thing Called Love?

What is love?

Why does it hurt?

Why does one put themself through pain and despair

To be ripped apart from the inside out

Or to put on a show full of tears and doubt

Why does one torture themself?

Only to become a shadow of an elf

Why does one give another their heart

Only to watch them rip it apart

Why does one kiss

For only a moment of bliss

Why do we touch

When it hurts so much

Why should I cry

When instead I’d rather die

Why should I suffer

When I could become tougher

Why is it my fault

When there’s been a so called assault

What did I do wrong

Other than sing my song

A song of tears

The song of fears

The thought of letting you go

Is no more than a foe

So why can’t someone tell me

Why love feels so god **** heavy?

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