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Please Visit Her

By @robinson1979

Please Visit Her

Using cell phone, electric outlets and vents with constant noise pointing it in the direction of my lover boyfriends and husband when I was married. Her sound comes out of my electronic equipment as well as appliances, counter tops and Piping. I am remodeling my home taking out what her sound is on and having to throw it away. Water Pipes are so concentrated on the bust! After I have thrown out a lot and stolen items are gone and taken all appliances out they are persistent with the pointing the sound with the remains of the home. 

The cement floor is what **** ME Hers’ Dad is concentrated on so it grabs a hold of it and attaches to it. Then I am putting tile over it and **** my Daughter DADs’ sound will be attached to my floor under the tiles.  

She the daughter Points at any one of Handcuff Her Boyfriends’ *** and tells him to ********* and save his *** then point at his own *** to realize another person. Then tells him to go to Handcuff HER and have sex with her or be around her and be “WITH” **** Me Her. Then the **** ME daughter will point at handcuff HER and point at handcuff her *** and the *** will burn handcuff HER every time it comes out. She points at all handcuff her boyfriends and sexual lovers. **** Me Her instructs them continuously and won’t let them go even if they wanted to be let go. She looks in when handcuff her makes love and entices handcuff hers boyfriend or husband at the same time to make love then “swap spit” meaning swap ***. Come over to **** me hers’ house and **** **** me her. “Swap the spit.” 

She has had sex with Volleyball HIM, Husband HIM  and Homeless HIM which are all my lovers. **** me Her has had sex with several of handcuff her roommates. She continues this behavior during and after the relationship and every relationship she enticed so much with her sound instructing violence, punching, rape murder or molestation to get them to become disinterested in myself and go to her. She plans this same behavior for my next relationship when it comes. 

She has also enticed several of my roommates to become mischievous, threatening life and survival with violent acts towards myself or my home damaging my home. She says she talks on my ****** and when a person goes down on me they recognize her from her sound coming out my ******. That is when she catches their attention. 

Please visit her in person and put her in a place where she will realize to keep to herself away from me and my home and whoever is in my home and not be interested and obsessed in another of my relationships.  Please put her in a place where she will realize not to enter my home or touch the electric panels and steal my things. She is an unwanted guest in this home and with any of my relationships. 

She realizes herself as me “HER”. She also realizes other friends to portray my boyfriends Volleyball HIM, Husband HIM or Homeless HIM in order to Enhance her sex life. She also becomes these men herself and takes on these 3 men in her phone and keeps track in the house computer and she changes voices with sound effects to make believable. 

 She has a neighbor friend help with enticing behavior. She makes sound effects with her throat and entices a man sexual mood and gets them to “hit” when she says “hit”. She stole several items of mine to enhance sexual life as well as train a man I ham or have been involved with. 

She realizes as another person and types an alternate personality in her phone or computer and becomes her in ordering to behave in the enticing manner in order to create violence, rape instructing FUTURE FIREFIGHTER to rape me as well as enticing others in bathrooms or my home with roommates to rape me, she instructs beatings pushing and taking a life of another person Me HER as well as others and ending it and reparation of lovers and family. 

Train HIM, Needle HIM, Football HIM  and Hung HER are all deceased. The person around them have her or her father’s noise with instructions of what to do. Homeless HIM went to san Diego county detention facility and several mental behavior institutions because he followed her and her dad’s sound with instructions. They do not back off when requested to leave it alone. 

She does this in order to gain control so she can tell people what to do and they do it for her. Or she manipulates the truth and tells another person that Handcuff HER has done certain illegal acts misleading officers of the law such as arresting officer Him or arresting Officer HIM or another Escort to Psych Institution officer Him. She has mislead these officers so much that I Handcuff Her was taken to prison as well as behavior institutions because they believe her and not what I say when I speak to them face to face. 

The sound out of her home influences law enforcement and misleads them on a continuous basis. She uses sexual enhancement behavior to entice them. She wants the whole town to be instructed by her just like her dad is able to do. 

Please visit her and help her. 

Please visit her in person to help her realize that the noise she puts out separates family that want to remain together. 

She asks a person to execute my baby while pregnant because she is having sex with the same person as I am which was my husband at the time and she wants my pregnancy to terminate because she could get pregnant. My baby fell out of me. My 3 month baby fell out of me bloody I took it to the ER and they took it from me. Then they cleaned any excess that remained from the baby in me. I have no child. I have no husband. 

She tracks my every movement and every relationship or person I meet even people that pass by as I walk or in passing motor vehicles. My vehicle is damaged and with her sound on my wiring and speakers. She tells them personal flaws of myself in a misleading manner and convinces them to not want me or be around me or cause an accident. 

I have lack of friends family and loved ones because of what she convinced them of. I want to be private with my relationships. I want more privacy from her and her friends. I want to have a relationship that is not enticed by her. I want my boyfriend to not have external influence to separate from me by her continuous persistent behavior. 

Please visit her in person immediately.  

Her possible address is Lire ***** in Carlsbad HER and her friends is Can I **** your boyfriend too in Carlsbad. 

Please visit them both in person and put them in a place where they realize the importance of a man and women’s privacy. 

I have asked the tanglewood townhome hoa management with in person, emails and contacts on the website to stop this behavior. They refuse to manage the sound in the community. 

Please make a personal visit yourself or with a law enforcement officer that is not influenced by their behavior previously or now. 

Thank you.

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