Playing with Power

By @h0pe
Playing with Power

Would you recruit children with powers? ZERO training, ZERO experience, and scared out of there minds?

Chapter 1

The Windowless Bus

 – Gzackiee –

Being born different than everyone else if hard. Especially when you are criticized and declared a public threat at the age of Seven.

 And it was…for me anyway. 

~  ~ ~  ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~

My name is Gzackiee Grandz (g-z-aw-k-e, Gr-aw-nn-d-zz) and it has been almost Five years since I was sent away to this ******** holding cell for us “Threat’s”. It had been January 17, 2056, when I had been taken away from the only home I ever knew. It had been my 15th birthday and I was in school–gym to be precise–when a bunch of very muscular men in black suits had come and picked me up early. I thought it was fine….until they literally threw me into a windowless bus. 

I admit, My too-small-for-my-age-15-year-old self was happy to get out of gym class, but since I had been the only child on the bus at that time…I was scared, very scared. It was about an hour until we stopped again and the large men in black walked out of the bus. I saw one who was smaller-though I didn’t know how I knew her- and had on a white suit coming into the back. I quickly ducked under a seat, holding my hands over my mouth so I didn’t make a single sound. I heard the steps of shoes coming closer to me and calling out in a shrill and very young voice,

“Gzackiee? Dear, there is nothing to be afraid of. We are here to help you. Come out Gzackiee, before I get mad..” I did not believe the young woman so I did not move an inch and even though I could feel my heart crashing against my rib cage, I stayed there instead of coming out. But even though I didn’t say a single word, I think the woman could still hear me because the next thing I knew was being snatched out from under the seat so hard I felt my ankle snap as I tried to let out a scream but was cut off when I had hands around my throat, lifting me up and off of the ground.

“I warned you what would happen if you didn’t come out, did I not?…” I scratched at her hands, trying to pry them off but I could feel myself getting weaker as she was choking me. I knew I was about to die but then the door in the back of the bus opened and 4 kids were thrown in. I didn’t even notice that the Woman In White had let go of me until I crashed to the floor. Thank god, Would she really have killed me…?? I can’t believe she actually tried to kill me!!?? What the hell is going on???

“Hello, children. Welcome! Please sit down and do not move. We will feed you when we get to our destination. ALso…” She looked in my direction and I could feel the hate radiating off her somehow when I felt way too light-headed and let my head fall onto the floor once again.

“Do not help the child on the floor. If I find out that you did…you will be in a lot of trouble. Bye!” I closed my eyes and drifted in and out of consciousness for about an hour until I heard shuffling and opened my eyes to see all the kids in chairs on either side of me. It looked like there were two boys, about two years older than I was, and two girls who looked about a year younger than me, but then again the girls looked so much alike that I was not too sure that there really were two girls. The girls were on either side of me and watching the front of the bus, but the boys–whom I couldn’t see–were behind me.

I remembered what had happened a week ago and closed my eyes, thinking of what the boys were possibly thinking at that moment. I knew I was crazy to think it would actually work it wouldn’t work, and almost laughed out loud when I started to feel one of the boys thinking; Holy crap! This girl is so **** hot!!! Wait why am I thinking this? We were just kidnapped?!!!. I could literally feel what they felt, think what they thought, and maybe if I tried hard enough…I could probably see what they saw. It was like I had a “Bubble” around them, so I closed my eyes and tried to use their eyes to see what they were seeing. It hurt and my head started to pound against my skull…but it worked!! I used his eyes and saw him and the other boy–who might I say was very HOT!!–holding a hand out to me. I saw myself cough and blood come out. I almost screamed but because I was using the boy’s body, I realized that I couldn’t.

They looked at each other and grins shifted onto their faces and they nodded to each other and turned back to look at my body. I watched with horror and fascination when I look at my own body being lifted off the floor of the bus and glide over to one of the seats when one of the Men In Black came in. I could feel the boys lose their concentration and I got knocked out of there bodies as I yelled out, the pain growing in my little head.

My head was hurting too much to recognize the fact that I was heading to the floor–one part of me would hit the metal seats and the other the hole in the floor–but but before I did get even close to the floor, I was pulled back into the boys and heard my body groan. The boy grimaced and it felt like time literally stopped. (Little did I know that it really had, all because of the twins) The boy rushed forward and slid, wrapping his arms around me as we shifted and hit the ground, sliding when time started up again and the yelling kept going. I felt him hit his head and I winced, but it was like he didn’t care because all his thoughts were on the fact that I was okay now. We stopped moving and I was once again pulled out of his head and I let my own head fall onto his chest, groaning because of the pain in every inch of my body. “NATHANIEL!!!!” I heard one of the girls say. But then I heard the other boy say something else…

“NATE!!” I expected the boy named Nathaniel Nate to let me go, he didn’t…just pulled himself into a sitting position and put his hands on my face to make me look up into his eyes. I almost fainted when I saw his eyes staring down into mine and heard him whisper to me in this cute little voice, “Are you okay?” I attempted to nod but grimace because the pain hurt too much, I closed my eyes and fell forward, all of my energy seeping out of my body. I don’t think anyone noticed the man in black who had walking in and was standing about Five inches away from Nathaniel Nate. Everyone but the boy and I stood and took a stance, ready to fight when the man knelt down and whispered into Nathaniel’s ear. He tightened his grip on me, sighed, then let go while nodding to the man. He looked at me with pity in his eyes and moved his hands by my arms and hips. Everyone moved closer when the boy held his hands up at them.

“Whoa whoa whoa. It’s okay, he’s helping carry her to a chair before the White Lady comes back.” They all raised their eyebrows but didn’t move when the man lifted me up. I yelped out as my ankle caught on a chair. Everyone jumped forward as though they were ready to strike when the man put me down on one of the longer seats. Everyone stopped as I grunted and smiled weakly at the man and said quietly to him, “Why? Why help me?”

Though I could not see the man’s face, I had a very strong feeling that there were tears in it because when he answered his voice was cracking and husky of old age, “Because…you look just like my….my little Cresent when they took her away….all those years ago.” He stopped with a choke and stood up straight and turned to everyone else and hissed to them that they needed to get into their seats. Everyone but Nathaniel was sitting when the door to the front of the bus opened and the Woman In White walked in.

The old man had moved right next to the door, his arms behind his back and standing so straight and unmoving you would have thought he was a mere statue. I could feel the tension when she turned to him whispered to him in a hurried and hushed voice. The man nodded and whispered back before looking over at me one more time and leaving out the door. I closed my eyes, opening myself up to everyone’s thoughts.

First was the girls; What am I going to do? Scarlet is on the other side of the bus, making sure that Jon is okay……Ugh! I can’t do what I need if she isn’t near me!!! And what the hell is up with the girl Nate had risked him and his best friend passing out over? And then the other one; whom she had called Scarlet was the one I heard next; Shoot! Jon, he needs to calm down before he changes and they shoot him. Crap, where is Alimara??! Oh, there she is, and then there is Nate….and that…kid he saved. Stupid freaking Nate! She shouldn’t have used Jon to help her, now he is way hyped to and he can’t think. Come on baby, calm down..please. I opened my eyes as I breathed in deeply, my head thudding once again. I knew I should not do it, but I opened my eyes to see what the boy next to Scarlet–Jon was his name?–and then Nathaniel Nate afterward; Crap, crap, CRAP!!! Why can’t I move!! Stupid White Woman!! She did something and now I can’t ******* move!! ARGHH. I gasped and jumped out of his head to Nathaniel’s, my head aching so hard that I was worried about how long it would be before I passed out…; Crap, everyone seems way too tense. What the hell am I go-…Oh, hello Kid. How is it getting to look into everyone’s brain?

I opened my mouth to scream when my head couldn’t take anymore and I passed out. The next time I had woken up was when the bus had stopped and I was being snatched up off the seat by another Man In Black and ripped upward, about Twelve inches off of the bus floor. I had almost all of my energy back but I was so tired all I could think about was how I was once again being held in the air, but the only thing different this time was that I wasn’t being held up my throat but by my shirt. 

“P-P-Please …Let…g-g-g-go….” I mentally cursed myself for stuttering when I felt one of the boys slam his body into the man so hard that he lost his balance and fell, about to pull me with him when the body grabbed onto me to stop me. I turned around, expecting it to be Nathaniel but as I turned, I saw the bulk of muscles and long hair and I knew that it was actually Jon! I stared at him with wide and unbelieving eyes as he leaned in and whispered into my ear, his hair rubbing against the side of my forehead,

“If I find out that you are in my head again..I’ll kill you.” My breath hitched in my throat at how sexy his husky voice sounded as he laughed and put his hand on my back in a playful way, but as I looked at his eyes I could tell he wasn’t joking at all, anyway! I gulped and stepped away when the front door opened and we were all shoved back by more of the Men In Black and was forced to watch as Two little kids–about 4 years younger than, one was a girl while the other a boy–walked in and put their hands on the Woman In White. Not once did they look at us, but I had a strange feeling about them when someone poked my arm. I slightly turned my head to see Nathaniel hold up his hand to his head and hit it Four times, nodding at me before pointing to the kids.

I understood what he was saying and closed my eyes as I reached out to there thoughts. I had to wait a few seconds to make it through and when I finally made it, it was so sudden that I stumbled back and probably would have hit on of the Men In Black had it not been for Jon standing next to me. He put his hand behind my back and pulled me up again before growling in a still-husky-yet-hushed voice to be careful next time. I huffed at him and turned away to hear what the boy was thinking before I tried the girl; I wonder if Ms. Adeline will let us meet the new kids when they come inside…but then again, probably not. She says that we have to say away because they are “Infected” whatever that means…… 

I coughed after I heard his thought and immediately felt my eyes tear up because it sounded so much like my late little brother; Roland. Shaking my head, I focused back on to the girl and what I heard was nothing like I expected……I knew that they were “special”, I heard Ms. Adeline talking about it to Master X5-412. But still…the only one who looks anywhere remotely “special” is the super hot and really tall dude standing close to that gorgeous girl. But then again…I’ve met people who seemed “Special” before…and they ended up dying within the first few months, oh well. Might as well finish up on this old hag so we can go back to our room and go to sleep before our big test tomorrow!!…

I pulled out because the girl/me was getting ready to stand up. Getting pulled out of a different body still hurts my head…though not as much as the first few times. The Men In Black started to shove us out of the bus one-by-one. I had to close my eyes because of how bright the Sun was, almost slamming into Jon again. He shoved me and I yelped as I fell over my feet, landing head first in the sand.

¨Mhhm,¨ I lifted my head as a Man In Black pulled me up and pushed me forward. I stood up straight and turned to see Jon standing next to me. We made eye contact for a few seconds before the Men In Black ushered into another windowless bus, though this one wasn’t really a bus. Only half of the bus was showing, while the other half seemed to be inside of a large grey building. I turned my head to look up but the sun stopped me since it was so bright. I turned my head at the gasps from the other kids and saw that they were just as surprised as I was. I–along with everyone else–stopped at the outside of the bus, terrified to go any further when Jon came up to me and one of the girls–I believe her name was Scarlet– and leaned down to whisper something into her ear. After a minute or so, she moved and Jon took her spot as he wrapped a strong arm around my waist. My body groaned, not used to the feel of a strong and handsome man’s arms around it. Though I craved the touch and wanted to lean into him, my body still tensed, not sure about what was happening when he leaned in and whispered into my ear,

“We have to get moving, I got that woman ́s phone and I wanna see what was on it!” How’d he manage to do that!? Was it when he barreled into her at lightning speed? And why did he need to wrap his **** arm around me to tell me so? My eyes widened as I looked at him. He grabbed my hand and started to guide it to his pocket. I wanted to ****** my hand away but he was stronger and put my hand on his right leg pocket, where I could feel the outline of the phone. I nodded and leaned into him to answer,

“First off, do not ever do that again, second off, how will we get alone from the Men In Black?¨ He raised an eyebrow at the name “Men In Black” but recovered quickly as he seemed to freeze, thinking about it when he came back and said something that made me internally groan,

“Ask for the restroom? Oh, Do not look at me like that, Kid. Have any better ideas?” I felt my face turn scarlet and I looked down.

“Thought so. Come on, before they get suspicious.” I nodded and we started moving. Little did I know that that was the last time I would see the real sun, and real landscape for a long time

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