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Perfectly Mine

By @LaurynStoner

Chapter One:

Coffee ground fumes scented the crisp air. I gradually closed my eyes, wanting the coffee fragrance to never leave, always be trapped, unable to escape. The light draft tasted faintly of salt. I slightly opened my mouth, attempting to identify the feeling. The feeling of warmth. Or maybe security. Being held, as though I would never be let go. I would stay here forever; this was what I lived for. This is my world, right here, in this room. Nothing else outside of this space mattered. 

 I opened my eyes, peering right into his soul. I could see myself through his pupils, encapsulated by cocoa-colored streaked rings. He steadily reached for my hand, resting on the pillow under my head. I allowed him to grab it from under me, knowing that he wouldn’t hurt me. As his hand engulfed mine, I felt a wave of emotion. It was sunshine. Hot, but not to burn me, soft, like he’s never touched anything else before. Perfect, I told myself. Nothing faulty, or disturbing. This moment was something I would never forget, and savor for years to come. 

           He gave a reassuring smile, the corners of his lips curving, trying to reach the sky. It seemed as though his teeth could not be revealed. The smile came from pure satisfaction and pleasure, to please me. His cheekbones slowly rose, as his smile grew. It was contagious, I began to smile too. I chuckled. He was so light, so sweet.

           “Forever,” he whispered into my ear, his smile slowly fading.

           “And beyond that,” I added to our popular sentence. He let my hand free.

           “Always.” He concluded and closed his eyes, with a sigh.

           He turned his body so that it faced my ceiling, gracefully placing his hands behind his head. He peered over at me. 

           “Connor,” I took a deep breath and began. Fidgeting with a hair tie, I gazed at him. He was extremely handsome. Deep brown eyes, that you could drown in, untidy brown hair. I took a moment to take his face in, imprint it into my memory, never to forget. I knew by the emotion on his face that I could not tell him, I had to think of something else. Something valuable that he would have an answer to.

           “Yes, Elle?” Connor stared into my eyes, into my soul, into me. Don’t let him know. He may never know. He elevated himself onto one side, his other hand taking mine again. Serious, he wants you to be serious, to be truthful. 

           “I don’t know how much longer we can keep this from our parents. Charlie already found out and it’s just a matter of time.” I said as a hot tear rolled down my cheek. I loved Connor, and Connor loved me. My parents didn’t like Connor. Connor’s parents didn’t like me. I knew that they would find out one day, and my life as I knew it would be over. But I could not live without him. He was a part of me, the strongest part of me.

           “I understand but disagree. We’ve kept ourselves a secret for this long and what good is it if we just waste it? I trust Charlie and I trust you. If our parents tend to themselves, then we won’t even be the slightest bit suspicious. If it worries you that much, Elle, we can be over. I know my life would be empty without you, though.” He gave a fake smile, being the truthful person that I know he is. I knew that he was right deep down, but I was even more worried about my parents. I ignored the consequences and instead decided that Connor knew best. Besides the fact that Charlie knows, we’d continue to be a secret, he’s dating Connor’s older sister, Bridget. So, I know he won’t say anything.

           “I don’t want to be over. I love you, Connor.” I murmured, only loud enough for him to hear me. He grabbed my head in his hands and kissed me. His hands were cold against my crimson face. His was perfect and perfectly mine. I didn’t want him to disappear, but he left for the sake of our secret. He only had to go, but it felt as if he moved planets. 

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