People Like Me

By @endersworld

People Like Me

By @endersworld

A chronology of relationships, and the realization that I never needed one to be complete.

Chapter 1

Do not fall in love with people like me

When I fall, I fall hard

And you’ll never be in as deep as I will

I will feel everything so hard and so deep and so fully that

When my emotions overwhelm us, the wave of my frustration will crash on your life

And wipe out everything you thought was me

Leaving you with the mere feeling of what used to be

And you’ll be left on the floor writhing in confusion

Do not fall in love with people like me

When I shatter, I shatter completely

And you’ll never be able to recover the pieces of who I was

I will break everything so entirely and so finally and so distressingly that

The world will crumble around us while I stand within the glass shards of my former soul

And tear through the paper of who you thought we were

Leaving you with shredded pulp covering the floor

And you’ll be abandoned and sorrowful and I won’t even notice

Do not fall in love with people like me

When I leave, I leave forever

And you’ll never find me again

I will be on the wind, on the wing, on the tip of your tongue

And try as you might, you will never again recapture the essence of what we had

And will wonder forever where you went wrong

Leaving you was the best decision I ever made

And I’ll never return to the suffocating bonds that were your arms

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