By @mrangstrup24


By @mrangstrup24

This is a poem, not a story, but it'll work out. It's about my perfect selections of food, the greatest feast that I would ever enjoy, though it isn't real.

Chapter 1

I can imagine,

                   my favorite things,

all in one dish.

Mountains of fries, crisp,    and lightly salted.

              My mouth waters at the thought of it.

Towering forests of boiled broccoli.

              I can almost feel the leafy crunch between my teeth.

A well-done salmon, as big as a Great White Shark.

              I think I can hear the slightest bubbly sizzle.

The duck newly fried, is placed in front of me.

              I can smell it’s every inch of crispy, brown skin.

                            It is still fresh from the oven.

Soft, thick gravy, drooping off of everything.

              I lick the air, hoping it’s actually there.

Bottomless soda, deeper than the Marianas Trench.

              I see the bubbles soar up until they just pop!

But for now,

                   I’ll have to finish my     damn peas.

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