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By @tiffani_kane74


Pain’s a funny thing, and by that I mean

That no matter the hurt, it’s something we need

Because without pain, there’d be no good from bad

But what happens when pain makes you exceedingly sad?

Pain comes in two forms- one emotional, one physical 

And as humans we figure that one is more critical 

Each form is packed with the true meaning of power

But it is emotional pain that seems to speak louder

While physical pain is acclaimed “life or death”

Emotional pain can also steal breath 

With physical pain, we adjust and overcome

For emotional pain, it’s easier said than done

For example, if you look at a common heart attack 

You’ll have pain in your chest, your arm, and your back

It could possibly end with the adjustment of meds

Or with a rapid, quick good-bye on a figurative death bed

But if you compare a heart attack to a painful heart break 

You won’t find a simple fix for this emblematic ache

It could result in the same sort of ‘last good-bye’

But the pain will last longer and is harder to defy

We all try to cope with each pain in different ways

And sometimes infliction can be a common phase

It may not be ‘right’ or considerably ‘moral’

But that’s how it turns into an internal quarrel 

With either pain, it’s common to combine them together

Because it’s human nature to do so, and has been forever 

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